Smash Stuff: Top Games for Breaking and Destroying

It’s OK to break these games.

Smash Stuff: Top Games for Breaking and Destroying

If you're in the mood to break things and get away with it, these games are perfect for you. Unlike other videogames that transport us to beautiful worlds or tell thought-provoking stories, these games let you unleash your destructive side. Grab something heavy and start swinging!

Angry Birds 2: The Ultimate Smashing Game

When it comes to smashing stuff, no game does it quite like Angry Birds 2. With its physics-fueled gameplay, daily quests, challenges, the Tower of Fortune, and the Arena, there are countless opportunities to bust up buildings and rain splinters on pesky Piggies. Slinging Bomb into a box of TNT is incredibly satisfying!

Angry Birds 2

    Smash Hit: Break the Futuristic Dimension

    Get ready to zoom through a mesmerizing futuristic dimension and break it into a zillion pieces in Smash Hit. Use steel balls to shatter glass barriers and show off your accuracy skills. Remember, if you run out of balls, the game ends. The future depends on your smashing abilities!

    Smash Hit

      Downhill Smash: Become a Virtual Wrecking Ball

      In Downhill Smash, you get to be a virtual wrecking ball! Customize your vehicle with powerful weapons and armor, then roll as far as possible. Destroy monsters and structures on your way to achieving high scores. With each upgrade, you'll feel the power as you slice through steel and plow over once-insurmountable bosses.

      Downhill Smash

        CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars - The Demolition-Derby with a Twist

        In CATS, you'll experience hilariously unpredictable demolition-derby matches featuring adorable fluffy felines. But these kitties are more interested in building customized fighting machines than getting ear scratches. Thanks to the fantastic physics, even a low-level forklift can overturn an impenetrable laser tank. Mix and match parts to climb up the leaderboards!

        CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

          Micro Breaker: Demolish 3D Blocks in Stunning Environments

          Prepare for the ultimate brick-breaking adventure in Micro Breaker. As a giant exploding ball comes hurtling towards you, it's up to you to time your smash perfectly and demolish the armored cube or defeat the boss monster. These 3D block-filled playgrounds are just begging to be demolished.

          Micro Breaker