Take the Lead in F1 Clash

Guide an F1 team to the top of the podium.

Take the Lead in F1 Clash

Guide an F1 team to victory with F1 Clash, the ultimate Formula 1 racing game. As a team boss, you'll have control over every aspect of the race and make crucial tactical decisions that can lead your team to the top of the podium.

What sets F1 Clash apart: It's not just about speed. In this game, you'll need to manage an upgrade budget, deal with tire wear and fuel consumption, and make strategic adjustments that can change the fate of your team. Every decision matters, and each win brings you closer to unlocking famous drivers and legendary vehicles, like Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes W12!

An experienced pit crew will have you back on the track in no time.

Quick tip: Boost your speed when necessary. Take advantage of the first few corners to overtake cars coming out of the pitlane and use your boost on the final lap or two. Just remember to keep an eye on your tires, as excessive boosting can lead to quick wear and tear.

About Hutch Games: Hutch Games is a leading mobile racing game developer and the mastermind behind popular App Store hits like Rebel Racing and Top Drives. With F1 Clash, they once again prove their expertise in delivering immersive and exciting racing experiences.

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