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All Versions of CSV Touch


August 17, 2023

- Further improvements to search


August 12, 2023

- Added possibility to search for phrase matches using quotation marks


November 20, 2022

- Fixed bug with custom CSS usage


November 18, 2022

- Option to hide empty columns in detail view - Support for custom css formatting in dark mode - Fixed bug with certain characters when using automatic column spacing with monospace font


April 8, 2022

- Fixed some graphical glitches - Updated help


August 19, 2021

- Fixed potential bug if trying to download not yet synched file


December 28, 2020

- Fixed playing media inline


October 18, 2020

- Fixed some missing auto-detecting of linkable text (e.g. a phone number couldn't be called simply by clicking it)


October 7, 2020

- Fixed bug when local images where being referenced in item display


October 4, 2020

- Removing reliance on deprecated iOS view

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Description of CSV Touch

Do you have a database, library or collection which you need to use on-the-go, even when you don't have web access? If you do, this is the application for you. Using CSV Touch you can easily search, sort and look through your collections when away from your computer. So start carrying your DVD and CD library, your book collection, your wine testing notes, or any other database, library or list with you! CSV Touch works by reading CSV files, a file format which almost all databases and applications like Excel, Filemaker, Access, Bento and others can export to. To get the CSV files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can import them from the local 'Files' app and all the cloud storage it supports, from attachments, directly from the internet, and other ways. And if you download the files directly from internet, it is trivial to download again in case the file has been updated (manually or at regular scheduled intervals). Once read, the app allows for highly customised ways of how to look at the data. Note that CSV Touch does not allow editing of your database; it is intended to be a versatile app for searching and visualising your data. See for more information and screenshots. If you think CSV Touch might be for you but are not sure, you can try CSV Lite which is free but restricted (only 1 CSV file with 150 items). FEATURES - Download CSV files from almost anywhere - Fast search and sorting of items - Support for links in your data (click web address to open Safari, phone number to make a call, email address to open Mail) - Support for showing pictures from the web inside the application (requires internet connection) - Handles any number of files - Custom CSS support for visualising single items - Supports ",", ";", "|", space, or tab as column separator - Handles all languages, including Japanese (requires UTF8 encoding; other encodings might also work)
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CSV Touch: FAQ

Is the CSV Touch app compatible with iPads?

Yes, CSV Touch is compatible with the iPad.
Simon Wigzell developed the CSV Touch app.
The CSV Touch app currently supports iOS 12.0 or later.
Users love CSV Touch, as evidenced by its outstanding rating of 4.7 out of 5.
The App Genre Of Csv Touch Is Utilities.
4.6.3 is the current version of CSV Touch.
CSV Touch’s latest update was rolled out on July 16, 2024.
The app was launched on February 5, 2023.
Family-friendly content, no mature themes or violence.
The CSV Touch app is now available in English.
No, CSV Touch is not part of Apple Arcade.
No, you won't find in-app purchases featured in CSV Touch.
Unfortunately, CSV Touch is not optimized for use with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of CSV Touch

  • Fastest search I've seen

    No matter how big the file I throw at it, search is instantaneous. Loading is also lightning fast. I've been using it for years, big part of my workflow. Thanks!
  • It made my life in work easier

    Great useful fast app
  • Great to have my data on my iPhone

    Importing my database of over 2400 records (with about 50 fields) was fast, flawless, and repeatable once I got the export settings right and the CSV Touch settings right. There is good information on the support site for the settings. Detection of urls, email address and phone numbers is terrific. Search is excellent. The different data "views" are well thought out. Support responded quickly to my email for help with the ftp syntax. If there was a pro version with editing and desktop/idisk/cloud syncing, I'd buy it in a New York minute.