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All Versions of DarknessBot


May 24, 2024

► SUPPORT FOR NEW DEVICES - Inmotion V11Y - Inmotion V14 - KingSong S16 Pro - KingSong S22 Pro - KingSong S18 V2 Molicel ► SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS - Xiaomi Acton X1: Improved support - Begode: Added the display of the transverse angle of inclination - Begode: Fixed temperature display for some models - Begode: Fixed the display of zero total mileage in some cases - Veteran Lynx: Added battery information (battery voltage and temperature) - Veteran Lynx: Added option to switch between hardware and software PWM - Veteran Lynx: Fixed an error when reading data, leading to incorrect data in some cases - Veteran: Fixed the operation of the horn on the Sherman S, Patton and Lynx models ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Added onboarding at the first launch of the application - Added Serbian localization - Improved German, Czech and French localizations ► BUGFIXES - Fixed the display of the selected custom horn in the settings


March 9, 2024

► SUPPORT FOR NEW DEVICES - KingSong X1 ► SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS - Veteran Lynx: Updated riding mode option ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Added voice alarm by battery level ► BUGFIXES - Fixed opening graphs from the current trip in some cases


January 14, 2024

► SUPPORT FOR NEW DEVICES - Veteran Lynx - KingSong14M (second revision) ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Updated trip display ► BUGFIXES - Fixed a bug that leads to incorrect display of the trip in some cases


November 1, 2023

► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Added Portuguese (Brazil) localization ► BUGFIXES - Fixed a storage optimization option error leading to crash in some cases - Graphs: Fixed UI loading of the chart - Video Recorder: Fixed display of widget settings on the left side


October 17, 2023

► SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS - Added support for custom firmware Begode for extreme - Begode: Fixed reading information about the alert, as well as setting the ride mode and flashlight after connecting - Begode: Fixed temperature calculation for models with MPU6500 - Begode: Fixed PWM correction for official firmware - Xiaomi, Ninebot Kickscooter, Ninebot Z: Fixed switching lock mode ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Trips: Added viewing of graphs - Custom Dashboard: Added the ability to disable tiles - Voice Alarms: Added value indication - Added Greek and Czech localization - Video Recorder: Added a large PWM widget - Battery Correction: Extended limits - Updated intro ► BUGFIXES - Fixed the display of lock screen widgets on iOS 17 - Map: Fixed the use of filters - Trips: Fixed mileage rounding


August 23, 2023

► SUPPORT FOR NEW DEVICES - KingSong S16 and S19 - Inmotion V14 - Xiaomi Acton X1 ► SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS - KingSong/Begode/Veteran/Inmotion: Added battery adjustment - Begode: Added support for new firmware versions - Begode: Added firmware version display - Begode: Improved the mechanism of interaction by BLE - Inmotion V8F: Fixed frequent disconnection in some cases ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Added storage optimization option


July 7, 2023

- Begode: Added support for a new protocol - Added Ninebot Mini Pro 2 support - Veteran: Added the Beep option - Ninebot Mini: Added the option to change the Brake lights and Lights mode - KingSong: Fixed speed indication display - Map: Fixed duplication of the user location in some cases - Map: Fixed auto zoom for the track in some cases


June 17, 2023

- Added Apple Maps - Fixed map tile display - Fixed route display on the map in augmented reality mode - Improved stability of the app when connected to the transport


June 5, 2023

Improved connection speed and stability of the app


May 22, 2023

► SUPPORT FOR NEW DEVICES - Inmotion V13 - Veteran Patton - KingSong 14M ► SUPPORT IMPROVEMENTS - Improved Veteran Sherman Max/S support - Veteran: Added the hardware PWM support for the original Sherman from version 1.0.59 - Veteran: Added information about the pitch - KingSong: Fixed max roll angle option ► APP IMPROVEMENTS - Added the ability to export/import trips in Settings / Application / App Data - Dashboard: Added the "GPS Speed" tile - Trips: Added geolocation information when exporting to CSV - Added a custom transport name in the connect/disconnect push - Improved Spanish localization - Fixed voice alarms on iOS 16

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The ability to apply app themes



Build-in GPS Tracker



App will store data for longer time period


Video Recorder

Record video from app screen and camera


Custom Dashboard

Flexible adjustment of tile sizes


Custom beep

Custom beep via the app or Bluetooth speaker


Automatic Torch

Automatic switch torch after sunset



Flexible alarms by metrics in the app


Engine Sound

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System



Unlock to all paid features

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Description of DarknessBot

The application for active EUC/EScooter/Segway owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/Z10, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini/Pro/Plus/GoKart/Mecha Kit, KickScooter ES/E45/G30/G30P/G30D/G30LE/G30LD/G30LP) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, V8F, V8S, V10, V10F, V11, V12, V13, V14, R1, R2, L6, L8, L9) ▶ Solowheel (Glide 3) ► Begode (MTen3/4, MCM4/5, ACM, MSuper V3/X/Pro, RS, Monster/Pro, Tesla, Nikola/Plus, EX, EXN, EX2S, EX30, DTen/Plus, Master/Pro, Hero, RecioWheel, T4, A2) ► KingSong (14, 14S, 14M, 16, 16S, 16X, 18, 18L, 18S, 18XL, N8, N10, N10P, S3, S16, S18, S19, S22) ► Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) ► Xiaomi (M365, Pro, Pro2, 1S, ACTON X1/B2) ► Veteran (Sherman/Max/S, Abrams, Patton, Lynx) ► Extreme Bull (Commander/Mini/Pro/GT, XM) ► Xiaoxiang (Smart BMS) ► Ant (Smart BMS) ► Yokamura (i8, i8 Pro) Features: ◉ Modify tiled interface that you can customize ◉ Displaying all available metrics through Bluetooth LE: ► Current speed ► Maximum speed ► Avarage speed ► Total mileage ► Remaining mileage (depending of rider's weight, the battery charging cycles, and weather conditions) ► Total runtime ► Battery level ► Temperature of the controller (not for all models) ► Power ► Voltage ► Pitch and roll (*) ► PWM (*) ◉ Changing parameters of the device: ► Maximum speed (*) ► Riding mode (*) ► Lock mode (*) ► Limited speed mode (*) ► Volume level (*) ► Gyro level (*) ► Transportation mode (*) ► LED mode (*) ► Horn (*) ► Alarms (*) ► Strobe (*) ► Calibration (*) ► Firmware update (*) ◉ Map ► View riders location on the World ► Follow for location your friends in real-time ► Route auto refreshing directions to friend ► Deep to AR mode to view your friends and directions ► Use map filters ► Record your trips ◉ Profile ► Create and share your profile in DarknessBot ► Search and add your friends ► Connect your WhatsApp and Telegram account for chat with friends ► Invite to a ride your friends ◉ World ratings by mileage ◉ Logging and displaying graphs of metrics (up to a year) ◉ Record video from a camera with a sensor display ◉ Compass and weather forecast ◉ Apple Watch support ◉ Neural Network Integration (For more smooth remaining mileage prediction) ◉ App Themes ◉ Siri Shortcuts, Myo Armband, Flic Button 2 and Garmin integration (*) - not for all models
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DarknessBot: FAQ

Is DarknessBot iPad-compatible?

Yes, DarknessBot can support iPad devices.
The DarknessBot app was built by ILIA SHKOLNIK.
The minimum supported iOS version for the DarknessBot app is iOS 12.0.
Users are raving about DarknessBot, which has an exceptional rating of 4.8 out of 5.
Darknessbot Relates To The Sports App Genre.
9.3 is the most recent version of the DarknessBot app.
DarknessBot updated its app on July 12, 2024.
The release date of the app was February 5, 2023.
This app is rated for ages 4 and up, and contains only family-friendly content.
The following list of languages is supported by the DarknessBot app: American English, Czech, French (France) and 11 more.
No, DarknessBot is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Certainly! Users can make in-app purchases within DarknessBot.
No, DarknessBot does not provide support for Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of DarknessBot

  • It’s all there on a basic level for free

    This app seems pretty accurate compared to the GPS and speed testing I’ve done so that’s nice, and there are enough metrics to know what’s going on with your wheel at all times, but it would be nice to be able to go back to your history without having to pay, but then again, it’s a one time payment so I don’t think that negates a star

    Please keep improving this app, and one thing I’d like to see is a way to edit the main screen so you can adjust the different metrics you’re able to see at one time. Thank you, DarknessBot.

    Developer Response

    Thank you for the feedback! You can change tiles order and sort it as you need in free version and in Premium version you also can remove unnecessary tiles or change their size in addition to reordering.
  • KS22 pro: Messed up my trip max speed.

    Tried to use this app on my KS22 Pro. After connecting it, the max speed for a trip on the Darkness Bot app didn’t work so I tried to go back to the Kong Song App. Now the King Song app is showing my tiltback speed as my max trip speed. If I change my tiltback to 70, my max trip speed without even getting on the wheel on the KS app now shows 70. If I set it to 60, max trip speed is now 60.

    It looks like it’s messed with something with the wheel itself. If I go change the max speed on the KS app now, same thing.
  • Question about tips

    Terrific application. Thank you very much!
    The tips at the beginning remote app is launching pass a bit quickly to read. Is there a comprehensive list of these tips posted somewhere?

    Developer Response

    Thanks for your feedback! There are few hints when app loading and they will be repeated over time. We have a FAQ for the app: