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Better Ears Beginner

Better Ears Beginner

Music and Ear Training

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All Versions of Better Ears Beginner


November 17, 2022

- fixed problems with Dropbox Sync - minor bugfixes


March 27, 2022

- minor bugfixes - adaptations to iOS 15 and new devices


December 15, 2020

- Optimized for iOS 14 - Minor Bugfixes


July 29, 2020

Fixed a crash that occurred when the microphone function was activated


July 5, 2020

- Better Sounds - Possibility to add custom sounds via SoundFonts - Dark Mode Support and lighter look of normal Mode - Bugfixes


May 3, 2019

- minor bug fixes - improved pitch detection algorithm


October 25, 2018

Improvements and Bugfixes


January 19, 2018

Improvements and Bugfixes A problem with bluetooth headphones has been corrected Pitch detection via the microphone has been improved


November 23, 2017

minor Bugfixes


November 21, 2017

- Bugfixes, fixed some Crashes

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Description of Better Ears Beginner

»Better Ears« is an educational Music Theory and Ear Training app, which helps you grow your musical skills and enhance your hearing capabilities. There are 13 different exercises included, starting from interval recognition all the way down to chord progressions - perfect for beginners and music-masters alike! YOU DECIDE HOW TO TRAIN! With »Better Ears« you can decide for yourself what your training routine should look like. There are no rules you have to follow, you decide when to start and how often to practice. 13 DIFFERENT EXERCISES INCLUDED »Better Ears« includes 13 different exercises: • Interval recognition • Scale recognition • Chord recognition • Chord progressions • Pitch recognition • Melodic dictation • Tempo recognition • Key Signature recognition • Music reading • Interval music reading • Scale music reading • Chord music reading • Melody music reading CUSTOM CHORDS, SCALES AND CHORD PROGRESSIONS The new editor for Chords, Scales and Chord Progressions allows you to add your own items. 6 DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS Choose your training sound out of six different instruments. Better Ears comes with Acoustic Grand piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Drawbar Organ, Nylon Acoustic Guitar and Steel Acoustic Guitar. CUSTOM SOUNDS WITH SOUNDFONTS With the help of SoundFonts (.sf2) you have the possibility to extend Better Ears with your own sounds. KEYBOARD AND FRETBOARD »Better Ears« comes with a virtual keyboard and virtual guitar fretboard. You can key notes on either. ANSWER WITH YOUR VOCALS OR WITH A REAL INSTRUMENT The integrated pitch detection allows you to answer the questions with your voice or a real instrument (e.g. piano or guitar). Simply play the individual tones on your instrument or sing them when the microphone button lights red. FOUR PRESET LEVELS »Better Ears« ships with four preset levels: • Beginner • Easy • Normal • Professional UNLIMITED CUSTOM LEVELS Additionally you can create your own levels, letting you train to your own specific needs. Put yourself in "Training Camp" to learn church modes, or concentrate on those two pesky intervals that constantly cause you problems. SYNC ALL OF YOUR DEVICES With »Better Ears« you can keep your Mac and your iOS devices in sync. You can choose what to sync: Your own levels, your statistics, your settings or all of this. MIDI SUPPORT »Better Ears« supports routing sound through an external MIDI device, allowing you to use your existing MIDI master keyboard or sound module. You can even control »Better Ears« using a connected keyboard. STATISTICS For every exercise »Better Ears« knows all your current stats, including how often you have answered each question correctly or incorrectly. WIKIPEDIA INTEGRATION »Better Ears« shows the relevant Wikipedia article for the current exercise. If a relevant article is not available online, another topically-appropriate article will be shown instead.
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Better Ears Beginner: FAQ

Can Better Ears Beginner support iPad devices?

Yes, Better Ears Beginner works on iPad devices.
The Better Ears Beginner app was made by MAMP GmbH.
The minimum supported iOS version for the Better Ears Beginner app is iOS 13.0.
The average rating for the Better Ears Beginner app is 4.5.
The Primary Genre Of The Better Ears Beginner App Is Music.
The newest version of Better Ears Beginner is 3.7.
The latest Better Ears Beginner update was rolled out on July 23, 2024.
The Better Ears Beginner app launched on February 6, 2023.
The Better Ears Beginner app contains no objectionable material and is suitable for children aged MAMP GmbH.
You can use the Better Ears Beginner app in English, French, German.
Unfortunately, Better Ears Beginner is not on Apple Arcade.
Indeed, in-app purchases are part of the offerings in Better Ears Beginner.
No, Better Ears Beginner does not support compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Better Ears Beginner

  • Crashes after buying add-on

    Purchased the full version through the beginner app. But it keeps crashing
  • Free beginner version is pretty good.

    Some features of full app are of course not available but you could spend quite a few hours here. Emphasis is on learning not on being flashy, which I appreciate. One minor complaint is that the beginner level dictation training uses intervals that are not included in interval training in this app but other free apps will give you that training. I would gladly pay a one time upgrade fee for the full app when I the only errors I make in the beginner app are typos. If the full app requires a monthly license fee then I would probably check out competing apps.
  • Better ear

    Instead of playing angry birds or Pokémon go why don’t you play a game that actually has benefits with any instrument you play. Maybe you’re even a Whistler, don’t annoy people by whistling off key. Use better ear, we’ll all thank you.