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February 11, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - Supported iPad - Supported Apple Watch


November 30, 2010

- The blinking speed setting was added.


November 15, 2010

- The flashlight will be blinking if the device has it. - The compatibility for iPhone 4/iOS 4 was improved. - iAd was supported.


July 9, 2008

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Description of Alarm Free

Alarm is a self-defence/emergency alarm application with a rapid-movement and free-fall detector. You can also touch the screen to give a warning. Not only a red screen blinking but also an alarm sound and a flash light are synchronized if the device has such functionalities. The Apple Watch app also blinks but it's limited for a few time only to save the battery.

Alarm Free: FAQ

Is Alarm Free iPad-friendly?

Yes, there is an iPad version available for Alarm Free.
The Alarm Free app was developed by 正行 Akamatsu.
Your iOS device must be running iOS 9.0 or above.
With a rating of 3.3 out of 5, Alarm Free is just okay among users.
The App Category Of Alarm Free Is Utilities.
The current version of Alarm Free is 2.0.0.
Alarm Free updated on July 13, 2024.
The specific date when the app came out was February 5, 2023.
No objectionable content, suitable for young children.
Currently, Alarm Free supports English, Japanese.
No, Alarm Free is not on Apple Arcade.
No, Alarm Free does not support in-app purchases.
Sorry, Alarm Free is not designed for integration with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Alarm Free

  • Simple and perfect

    I'm a diabetic and am always afraid I will go hypoglycemic which can cause an inability to articulate and the ability to perform only simple functions sluggishly. This is perfect to let someone know I need help without having to push a lot of buttons--just the icon. Well done, folks.
  • Dumb app

    You people seriously think this app is going to save your life maybe if this was voice activated maybe it would but as it stands you still have to spend time unlocking phone/iPod find the app and turn it on by that time the person could be gone. I don't recommend this app at all.
  • Genius

    This app is simply genius! Not only could it save your life(so i've read)!!! It lets me annoy my friends on a level never obtainable before!!