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February 2, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Updated to run as a 64-bit native app Completed compatibility with iOS 11 Removed calls to deprecated iOS APIs Added flexibility to screen sizes of more recent iPhone hardware Fixed numerous cosmetic issues Adjusted and rebalanced Atom Wars gameplay


July 24, 2012

Updated for compatibility with iOS 5.1.1


March 28, 2011

Updated for compatibility with iOS 4.2 Rotates the orbital with two-finger touches Optimized for recent iOS devices, yielding up to 25% frame rate improvement Fixed a minor bug when reactivating sound


July 1, 2010

Updated for compatibility with iOS 4 Sound for listening to the orbital "Atom Wars", formerly an easter egg, has been enhanced with sound and accelerometer control and improved graphics so that it is now a feature


June 26, 2009

Recompiled with the SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 to verify compatibility, prompting cosmetic edits in the Settings page and improving the frame rate in Phase as Color mode.


August 25, 2008


July 5, 2008

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Description of Atom in a Box

Atom in a Box is an aid for visualizing the Hydrogenic atomic orbitals, the three-dimensional states that the electron occupies in Hydrogen, a prime and otherwise unwieldy example of Quantum Mechanics. It interactively shows what the Hydrogen atom "looks" like. Unique among visualizations of Quantum Mechanics, it uses highly optimized code to perform 3D volumetric raytracing through the electron wavefunction's probability density and presents its results in real-time. It animates and mathematically describes all 140 eigenstates up to the n=7 energy level. The app links to an online FAQ, and the atom rotates with multitouch and the accelerometer. The bottom line is: Explore! The user are meant to explore all aspects of the atom, what it is and what it can do.
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Atom in a Box: FAQ

Is there an iPad version available for Atom in a Box?

No, the Atom in a Box app is not compatible with iPads.
The Atom in a Box app was launched by Dauger Research, Inc..
The minimum iOS requirement: 10.3.
With a rating of 3.7 out of 5, Atom in a Box is just okay among users.
The App Category Of Atom In A Box Is Education.
1.1 is the newly released Atom in a Box version.
Atom in a Box updated on July 16, 2024.
The specific date when the app came out was February 5, 2023.
No objectionable content, suitable for young children.
Currently, Atom in a Box supports English.
No, Atom in a Box is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, users cannot make in-app purchases within Atom in a Box.
Sorry, Atom in a Box is not designed for integration with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Atom in a Box

  • Wonderful app - please update!

    I am they chemistry instructor and this app is immensely helpful for teaching about orbitals! PLEASE update it - it no longer works with iOS 11!
  • Beautiful

    Love this visualization tool!
  • Buggy

    But it's not like there are any other applications that give hydrogen orbitals