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Classic Solitaire Card Games™

Classic Solitaire Card Games™

Basic solitaire original game

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All Versions of Classic Solitaire Card Games™


March 19, 2024

- bug fixes - new design


August 28, 2023



August 15, 2023

General updates Ads bug fixed


May 29, 2023

Bug Fix New animations added Source updates


April 20, 2023

Bug Fix Animations updates


October 24, 2022



September 28, 2022



June 3, 2021

• New card issuance algorithm • New animations • Bug fixes


October 31, 2019

bug fixed


September 18, 2019

bug fixed

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Description of Classic Solitaire Card Games™

Welcome to Classic Solitaire, the ultimate card game that never goes out of style! Experience the nostalgia and addictive charm of this timeless classic right on your mobile device. With its simple and familiar gameplay, Classic Solitaire offers endless hours of entertainment for both beginners and seasoned players alike. Dive into the world of solitaire and challenge yourself to clear the deck by strategically arranging the cards in ascending order. Can you conquer all four suits and emerge victorious? One of the highlights of Classic Solitaire is its offline mode, allowing you to play anytime and anywhere, even when you're in airplane mode. Whether you're travelling, on the go, or simply want to enjoy a moment of solitude, this game will always be by your side. Get ready to be captivated by the stunning winning animations that accompany each successful move. Celebrate your victories in style as the cards dance and cascade across the screen, creating a satisfying visual spectacle. Classic Solitaire boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and play. Enjoy smooth and intuitive controls as you arrange the cards with precision and skill. Immerse yourself in the timeless design and vibrant graphics that add an extra layer of enjoyment to the game. Don't miss out on the addictive and rewarding experience of Classic Solitaire. Download now and challenge yourself to become the ultimate solitaire champion. Unleash your inner card shark and embark on a journey of strategic thinking and pure entertainment!
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Classic Solitaire Card Games™: FAQ

Is Classic Solitaire Card Games™ compatible with the iPad?

Yes, Classic Solitaire Card Games™ supports iPad devices.
Classic Solitaire Card Games™ was released by Kirill Shishkin.
The minimum required iOS version for the app to work is 12.4 or higher.
The Classic Solitaire Card Games™ app has a user rating of 4.7.
The App Genre Of Classic Solitaire Card Games™ Is Games.
6.6 is the newest version of Classic Solitaire Card Games™.
The latest Classic Solitaire Card Games™ update came out on July 13, 2024.
Classic Solitaire Card Games™ launched on April 4, 2023.
The Classic Solitaire Card Games™ app is suitable for children aged Kirill Shishkin.
The Classic Solitaire Card Games™ app is now available in American English.
Sorry, Classic Solitaire Card Games™ is not available on Apple Arcade.
Sorry, in-app purchases are not accessible within Classic Solitaire Card Games™.
Unfortunately, Classic Solitaire Card Games™ is not optimized for use with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Classic Solitaire Card Games™

  • Was ok before this update

    Liked it fine, especially that it does less tracking. Only didn’t like the end of game music. Now it’s less fun to play. Don’t like changes.
  • Update killed dailies

    Had 6 months of daily game streaks. Wiped away with this update. Not happy, probably will delete.
  • Love the simplicity

    But could there be a landscape view added? Would love to see the cards a little bigger