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Groceries Grocery List

Groceries Grocery List

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All Versions of Groceries Grocery List


March 30, 2021

Dark Mode fix for check-off prompt


March 17, 2021

Dark mode fixes Add dark mode override Fix auto rotation lock when adding items


March 3, 2021

Dark Mode Support Support for larger phone screen sizes Fix missing help images


October 15, 2017

Fix Crash when creating or restoring backups.


October 4, 2017

Updated DropBox integration to version 2.


September 24, 2017

Fix autofill issue where store autofill overrode default value. Ensure dictionary fields scroll sufficiently to see autofill list. Fix issue where list setting changes were intermittently ignored. Fix layout issues when rotating. Improve iPad support. Remove app badge counting per Interface Guidelines.


January 3, 2017

Add override for dynamic text sizing & adjust default size. Resolve issue with switching from spinners to keyboard during item entry. Correct section scroll bar operation. Fix issue using navigation bar arrows to switch between items while editing.


December 21, 2016

Correct issue with last list item staying hidden under the toolbar. Correct missing toolbar when switching between keyboard fields. Fix default sort order.


December 17, 2016

Adopt Dynamic Type. Fix Issue with Search not clearing properly. More readable fonts. Correct Issue with App Icon Badge.


September 30, 2016

Fix a crash which occurs when using budgeting. Unhide checked items when searching. A few fixes to help. Restore portrait lock. Fix issue with picking from Dictionaries not overriding last Store.

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Description of Groceries Grocery List

Groceries allows you to easily maintain a grocery list on iPhone. List Items can be checked off, grouped by store, or section, sorted, or manually ordered. This lets you maximize the screen real estate on iPhone for the task at hand. It also prevents you from reaching one side of the store only to remember that you forgot an item on the other side of the store. Common grocery items autofill from a dictionary minimizing typing. The dictionary is also used to auto populate store section, and unit fields. Never type an item twice as the dictionary will remember items you add. Groceries is the same functionality as the Grocery tab found in the more extensive Listomni application from Ontomni. If you need more than one list, checkout Listomni instead! KEY FEATURES -Preloaded dictionary of over 700 common items. -We group items on your list by section so you don't have to backtrack in the store. -Hide checked items so they're out of your way. -Organize the store sections to match your local store. -Browse the dictionary by section to jog your memory of what you forgot -Total costs of planned purchases. -Flag Sale items and Coupon items. -Remember prices from your last visit to the store. -Quick data entry. -Never type an item twice. -Group and Sort List items the ways you want. -Switch quickly between different views of your list. -Email your list for printing, or just email a few list items at a time. -Reimport items from emails on another device running Groceries -Fully Illustrated Searchable Help. -Shows the number of unchecked items in each list and in the app. -Protect your data offline easily with Backups. Add a picture to an item Forget Notepad. Forget Pen and Paper. Now there's Groceries!
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Groceries Grocery List: FAQ

Is the software for Groceries Grocery List compatible with iPads?

Yes, Groceries Grocery List can support iPad devices.
Gumball Labs LLC is the developer of the app.
The minimum iOS requirement: 9.0.
Users are raving about Groceries Grocery List, which has an exceptional rating of 4.2 out of 5.
Groceries Grocery List Relates To The Productivity App Genre.
The current version of the Groceries Grocery List app is 3.1.5.
Groceries Grocery List updated its app on July 17, 2024.
The release date of the app was February 6, 2023.
This app is rated for ages 4 and up, and contains only family-friendly content.
The following list of languages is supported by the Groceries Grocery List app: English.
No, Groceries Grocery List is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, users cannot make in-app purchases within Groceries Grocery List.
No, Groceries Grocery List does not provide support for Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Groceries Grocery List

  • Order shelves

    You can set up shelf order by the order you want to go through the grocery store. I love that. When I get to the grocery store, I start at the top of my list and pass through the store without having to back track.
  • Oldie but Goodie!!!!

    I have had this app for years. It’s probably the oldest one I have but it’s so comprehensive & occasionally thru the years I’ve had a few questions & even now they always email me back with my answer. I love it!!!!!
  • Fantastic simple, but powerful app.

    I love this app. It has all the necessary tools. One question /suggestion if I may......... Is there a way to make the sections lines white? They print gray even in black and white printing, and take up a lot of ink when printing.