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October 10, 2022

- Fix screen size on new iPhones, you can now play full screen. - You can better zoom in/out. - Speed improvements. - Lot of bugs fixed.


June 2, 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Fixed problems with performance.


September 15, 2014

Fixed problems with screen size and performance.


February 24, 2014

Improved download of files Added support for Trialpay offers


December 14, 2013

Fixed crashes Improved Facebook house sharing


October 2, 2013

Fixed keyboard input Game files are not added to the iCloud backup anymore


September 18, 2013

Added support for game controllers Added Facebook login Keyboard fixes On 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod 4 and iPad1: requires iOS5 or higher


December 18, 2012

Fixed the upload of squad pictures


November 27, 2012

Improved Speed New Music


March 10, 2012

Fixed problems with starting the game and reduced the time to start the game.

GraalOnline Zone+ In-App Purchases History


Gralats Pack 1

Adds 2500 Gralats to your account. With Gralats you can buy in-game items such as weapons and you can create a gang.


Gralats Pack 2

Adds 8000 Gralats to your account. With Gralats you can buy in-game items such as weapons and you can create a gang.


Character Slots Pack

Makes it possible to switch between several looks by saving and loading your look into character slots. You can also share your look with friends.


Guild House Pack

Lets you build a big squad station with several rooms and invite your whole squad into it (25 players).


Gralats Pack 3

Adds 27500 Gralats to your account. With Gralats you can buy in-game items such as weapons and you can create a gang.

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Description of GraalOnline Zone+

The future of 2D MMO's is here! Hop into this futuristic MMO and join hundreds of other players as you take on missions to explore massive worlds, take down alien spaceships, and so much more! An ever-changing World for you to explore! Create your future self There are infinite Free ways to customize your character when you start playing, options to upload your pixel art to create endless customization possibilities and to show off your style. House customization, with countless shops in-game that sell thousands of unique pieces of furniture to customize your house the way you want. Level up and Upgrade Choose 1 of 6 different classes to fit your playing preferences. Gain experience to level up and face even more difficult content and gain stronger items to improve your arsenal to be the best! Massive Open World PVP Battle against hundreds of players in real-time on GraalOnline Zone or participate in a community PvE event with all your friends and explore otherworldly terrains for fantastic rewards! Collect Collect thousands of hats, weapons, accessories and more! Shops are regularly restocked with various hats, weapons, items and furniture to collect! [Social Media] Follow us on our Social Media for the latest news & updates!
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GraalOnline Zone+: FAQ

Is GraalOnline Zone+ compatible with iPad devices?

The GraalOnline Zone+ software is compatible with iPad devices.
EUROCENTER GAMES CY built the GraalOnline Zone+ app.
Your iOS device must be running iOS 10.0 or above.
The GraalOnline Zone+ app has a consumer rating of 3.4 and gets mild reviews.
The App Category Of The Graalonline Zone+ App Is Games.
The latest version of the GraalOnline Zone+ app is 6.1.14.
GraalOnline Zone+ released its latest update on July 17, 2024.
GraalOnline Zone+ was initially released on February 5, 2023.
Parental guidance suggested, may contain some violence or suggestive themes.
Currently, the GraalOnline Zone+ app supports the following languages: English.
Unfortunately, GraalOnline Zone+ is not on Apple Arcade.
Indeed, GraalOnline Zone+ provides opportunities for in-app purchases.
No, GraalOnline Zone+ does not offer compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of GraalOnline Zone+

  • Absolutely Terrible

    I've been a longtime player and it's always had issues that the game just never addresses, but now it's 10x worse ever since they updated the controls and hud. 1- Desync is a massive MASSIVE MAAAAASSIVE issue. Even when you hit someone, half the time they will not take damage. This issue has been around forever and has never been fixed. 2- Updates are incredibly slow. The game changes manager so much and every manager tries to take it in a different direction which makes updates (especially ones players actually WANT) almost never happen. The current manager doesn't even really listen to players. 3- They recently (about a few months ago I guess, I've stopped playing) the UI and it's TERRIBLE. The buttons have gotten smaller and even more to the edges of the screen. I used to be decent at the game, not my character pauses every 3 seconds, aiming shots is harder, and I keep missing the reload button. Graal, please allow your players to customize their controls rather than make braindead changes that make the game 10x worse. Also, to anyone planning on getting into this game, go somewhere else. It's not worth it. This game is terrible and also dying.
  • lack of content

    everything has been the same nothing has changed and even for the little stuff they bring out it ends up being terrible. Admins are all garbage and the manager acts like a little kid. Revamp has been announced since like 3 years ago and nothing has happened
  • Tragedy

    Played Zone since 2014 and I used to love this game and the community, but things have turned for the worst. There was rarely and updates and the game has severely died, from thousands to a consistent 60... I love this game but there is zero reason for me t9 keep on playing, I hope this game will get revived in the future but for now this game is not worth it and it makes me extremely sad ;(