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September 12, 2022

bug fixes


July 15, 2022

bug fix for calendar/date picker control


June 28, 2022

Compliance updates, various bug fixes


November 17, 2020

Enhancements: • Streamlined sign-in flow saves time at login Bug Fixes: • Resolved an expense receipt saving issue some clients faced • Resolved minor bugs


August 14, 2020

Enhancements: • Added save and duplicate functionality for time and expense entries as well as internal entries • Matter ID numbers match between the mobile app and webapp • Improved input validation and error messaging • Removed ability to download empty PDFs • Simplified sign-up flow Bug Fixes: • Resolved a scrollbar issue some clients faced


March 27, 2020

Improvements: • Simplified invoice download functionality along with the ability to zoom in on invoices • Speed up load time further for all clients • Client list matches the order it is in the webapp Bug Fixes: • Resolves an issue some clients faced when trying to minimize the keyboard • Resolves an issue some clients faced with the loading icon hanging


March 16, 2020

Improvements: • Speed up load time for clients with hundreds of clients Bug Fixes: • Resolves an issue some clients faced where the sync process stalled


February 12, 2020

Bug Fixes: • Resolves bug where users cannot create time entries without permission to access clients • Resolves bug where users are prompted with a client query error message


January 9, 2020

• Auto-Text type support added within Time/Expense entries. • Sharing options added for downloaded invoices. • Resolves an intermittent bug where application was reloading/restarting when a project was selected. • Resolves a bug where text was overlapping when device was using enlarged text settings. • Resolves bug where time entries were defaulting to 12:00 a.m.


December 6, 2019

- Fixed minor bugs in uploaded receipts and a currency display issue.

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Description of Bill4Time

Welcome to Bill4Time's companion iOS app! Bill4Time’s mobile app is the best in class tool for on-the-go time tracking, expense documentation, project management, and invoice review. Log into the iOS app with your Bill4Time credentials. WORK FROM ANYWHERE • No internet connection required! If you are without a data connection, your time and expense entries will save and sync when you’re back online. INCREASE PROFITABILITY • Never miss another billable minute! Track your billable and non-billable work in real-time with our one-tap timer. • Accurately capture every business expense! Our camera integration allows you to capture receipts, markup images, add full descriptions, and customize expense types. MANAGE CLIENTS & PROJECTS ON-THE-GO • View, add, and edit client/project details from anywhere! • Review and share invoices with clients or colleagues directly from the Bill4Time app. “The software is very intuitive and I needed no training to get up and running. Wanting to keep my overhead low and have access anywhere, Bill4Time has been perfect. What has been especially useful is the iPhone app I use daily for time entries wherever I may be.” -Andrew L. Nesbitt, Esq. Nesbitt Law PLLC, Charlotte, NC
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Bill4Time: FAQ

Is Bill4Time available on iPad devices?

Yes, Bill4Time is iPad-friendly.
The Bill4Time app was built by Broadway Billing.
The app needs iOS 12.0 or later to function properly.
The current user rating of the Bill4Time app is 3.5
The App Category Of Bill4time Is Business.
4.0.7 is the newest version of Bill4Time.
The latest Bill4Time update was released on July 23, 2024.
The Bill4Time app originally came out on February 5, 2023.
{{ name}} doesn’t contain potentially objectionable material and is rated Broadway Billing.
Currently, Bill4Time supports English.
Sorry, Bill4Time is not part of Apple Arcade.
Sorry, there are no in-app purchases available in Bill4Time.
Sorry, Bill4Time is not designed for integration with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Bill4Time

  • Out-of-state technology paraded as current state of the art

    Bill for time was an innovator when it was first deployed. It’s failure to update its technology to two address, format, reliability, and other deficiencies in its formatting and operations coupled with customer service report that doesn’t communicate responsibly or well. Makes this a increasingly substandard solution. Using the desktop or app version, for instance, the bill4 time “solution“ regularly locks up, works at a snails pace, requires the user to re-sync with the system for it to reflect new entries when it makes corrections, requires cumbersome duplicate re-entry of data, does not work efficiently through the entry of client and other data, produces a really sloppy looking cover letter. That is both parameter, limited and difficult to get consistent text or spacing, doesn’t hold on a regular basis, resulting in an excessive waste of time by a program that supposed to be a time saver, and I host other design defects and operating issues. That makes this a very cumbersome and time-consuming process that produces a very ugly bill. I’ve been forced to waste so much time, trying, trying to fix their invoice cover letter problem over the last 15 years that I finally gave up and tried to exclude it only to have the system perpetually reinsert it despite the setting to admit the statements from my invoicing.

    Along with these performance issues, you can expect to be constantly spammed by them, asking you to take over your collections and let them charge and use their lap pay. As poor and problematic as the billing process is, I am unwilling to allow them to actually take over the added responsibility of credit cards and collections activities, given the even a greater exposure, lawyers face when using these features, for those of us that made the mistake of getting on this years ago, perhaps it’s worth continuing to struggle along, rather than have to deal with the transfer of data and processes. However, for a new user, looking for a solution, look for Cleo, or someone else that actually has basic functionality down.
  • Not very good vs the web-based experience

    The app is incredibly clunky, and somehow still misses a lot of the good functionality of the web-based product. The only usefulness of this app is to enter time or expenses while you are away from your desk. Otherwise, it’s missing most of the invoicing, reporting, client/matter functions of the web product.
  • Web Software is great. Recent App is TERRIBLE

    I’ve been a Bill4time customer for almost 6 years. Always pleased with the web-based software. The original app was clunky, but serviceable. They totally revamped the app recently and it is TERRIBLE. Every time you open the app, it downloads and Synchs all of your data—which takes forever. And I have lost data in the process. Unreliable app.

    The unnecessary syncing happens even if the timer is running on a matter and you reopen the app. It makes no sense and the app revision did not consider how the typical user actually uses the app.

    Customer support is very good. But they can’t fix the app.