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February 5, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - Updated for iOS 9.


October 17, 2008

Added Italian and Japanese language support


September 5, 2008


August 11, 2008


July 30, 2008

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Description of SalesCalc

SalesCalc is designed to help you to create irresistible deals - quickly - efficiently - accurately without having to remember formulas and equations Anyone can use it - it's really so simple. All you need is an iPhone. If you need to calculate: - Gross Margin - Markup % - Percent Change - Percent Total then SalesCalc is the App for you. Most people in sales and purchasing rely on their favorite spreadsheets when they want to calculate margins, markups or discounts. Some folks have memorized the formulas and use a calculator for the task but we think that the iPhone presents an easier way to get the answers you need to close a deal quickly. Instead of having to remember formulas - you'll never make a mistake with SalesCalc. SalesCalc will deliver your answer in under a second, all you need to do is input numerical values into 2 of the 3 fields. To clear the fields, just shake the iPhone. SalesCalc puts a few of the most commonly used sales related calculations in the palm of your hand so the next time you are in deal making mode - reach out for SalesCalc and put together the best deal ever. Here's to your Sales Success... Some Definitions: - Gross Margin is the percentage of the selling price that can be applied toward covering your operating costs and profit. Basically, 20% gross profit margin means that for every dollar generated in sales, you have 20 cents left over to cover basic operating costs and profit. Larger gross margins are generally good for companies, with the exception of discount retailers which need to show that operation efficiency and financing allows them to operate with smaller margins. Since the Margin is the percentage of the price that is markup, it can never exceed 100% - Cost of Goods Sold includes variable and fixed costs directly linked to the product, such as material and labor. It does not include indirect fixed costs like office expenses, rent, administrative costs, etc. - Markup also known as Cost-Plus-Markup or Markup by Cost is the difference between the selling price and the cost divided by the cost of goods sold expressed as a percent. The initial markup of a retail product is also known as IMU. - Markdowns or Discounts are used to generate sales and or clear inventory and are usually expressed as a percentage of the Original Price. - Initial pricing is an extremely important step in merchandising. For retailers that use a traditional calculation, such as Keystoning, which is doubling cost to arrive at the selling price (100% IMU = 50% profit margin), this may or may not be adequate to be profitable, particularly after markdowns are taken. In reality, there are numerous examples of products that cannot be sold profitably, but need to be in the store to satisfy Customer needs. Therefore, other products need to be sold at higher MU%'s to cover the net losses of the products that lose money. SalesCalc gives you a few ways to price your products so that you can calculate your profitability using the method that best fits your business model.
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SalesCalc: FAQ

Is the SalesCalc app compatible with iPads?

No, SalesCalc does not work on iPads.
On-Core Software LLC is the developer of the app.
Your iOS device must be running iOS 8.0 or above.
The SalesCalc app has a user rating of 5.0.
The App Genre Of Salescalc Is Business.
2.0 is the current version of SalesCalc.
The latest SalesCalc update came out on July 17, 2024.
SalesCalc launched on February 5, 2023.
The SalesCalc app is suitable for children aged On-Core Software LLC.
The SalesCalc app is now available in English, German, Italian and 1 more.
No, SalesCalc is not part of Apple Arcade.
No, you won't find in-app purchases featured in SalesCalc.
Unfortunately, SalesCalc is not optimized for use with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of SalesCalc

  • OSi9

    Won't work. Shuts down. Please fix!!
  • Awesome App.

    This app is very useful and it come in handy all the time. But it would be great to have a calculator style keyboard so you can key in numbers a lot faster.
  • Very useful if somewhat flawed

    If you know you need it then you need it. While it does a very simple set of calculations it is undeniably a time saver, especially if you are trying to see the differences in a number of gross margin calculations. That being said the software is not without its flaws. First, for what it does it is overpriced compared to other apps (full calculators). Second, rather than using a large screen (such as the phone keypad) it uses the punctuation/number screen for entering numbers. Since all the calculations are internal to the software the use of a screen that presented only those elements that the user needs would allow for larger buttons and even faster use. I will make much use of SalesCalc, but would like to see it grow beyond what it is. If I have multiple items in a group for which I need to calculate the cost I have to do so in another app, take the number to SalesCalc and then continue my calculations. Not too much of a problem as costs usually don't change, but a problem none-the-less. I would say this is a high 3 to low 4 star application.