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All Versions of ChessClock


March 11, 2024

Minor bugfixes.


March 6, 2024

Update libraries and fix minor bugs


February 18, 2024

• Minor bug fixes


February 15, 2024

• Changed from paid app to ad-supported app, which seems to be what everyone prefers these days.


July 6, 2023

This version is a complete rewrite of this application in Swing and SwingUI. All old bugs are completely gone and replaced with entirely new ones! It now requires at least iOS 10.5. The localizations in this version were created with the help of automation, so if any of the text in your language seems off, please let me know.


September 24, 2017

• Update for 64-bit and ready for iOS 11


May 21, 2015

• Fix for display bug causing clocks to crowd in corner


September 28, 2014

• Fixed visual issues with iOS 8 • Fixed bug where setting time sometimes didn't work


October 23, 2013

• Bug fixes for flaky button pushes in iOS 7 • Minor iOS 7-ification of interface (if running iOS 7) • Flag falling now animates


October 30, 2012

* Update for iPhone 5 screen size * Universal App for iPad as well as iPhone * Uses less battery in analog mode * Sharper Retina graphics * Quieter "tick" sound if you turn sound on

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Description of ChessClock

My original iOS Chess Clock from 2008 is back... in all its old-school Skeuomorphic glory!  Two clocks. Tap one to start the other counting down. Tap both to stop both. Tap the little clock icon to set the time, and the info button to change the settings. Chess Clock includes features found in competition chess clocks, including Fischer, Bronstein, and USCF ("Simple") delay modes, which work in both digital and the visually appealing analog mode. Also, since this version was rewritten entirely within the borders of Switzerland, I guess this might be the cheapest Swiss timepiece you can have. Features: • Analog flag movement that swings back and forth as it falls (which took me a silly amount of time to get right, but I like it) • Set each clock independently • Analog and digital modes • Adjustable time delay (Bronstein, Fischer, and USCF modes) • Highlights the currently running clock
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ChessClock: FAQ

Is ChessClock iPad-compatible?

Yes, ChessClock is compatible with iPad devices.
The ChessClock app was made by Samuel Kass.
The minimum supported iOS version for the app is 15.4.
No ratings are available for the ChessClock app yet.
The Main Genre Of The Chessclock App Is Games.
5.0.5 is the newest version of ChessClock.
ChessClock rolled out its latest update on July 23, 2024.
ChessClock originally came out on December 3, 2023.
ChessClock is suitable for children aged Samuel Kass.
ChessClock is available in Czech, Danish, Dutch and 14 more.
Sorry, ChessClock is not on Apple Arcade.
Sorry, in-app purchases are not available for users of ChessClock.
No, you cannot use ChessClock with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of ChessClock

  • It just boggles the mind

    I fail to understand why the concept of a simple chess clock is so hard for any develop to implement competently. Seriously. It's. A. Timer.

    And yet, of about the three features that this one does, it fails spectacularly in one of them: setting a custom time. If you try to change the time using the standard iPhone number dials and click save... nope. Doesn't work. There's no way to change the time using the dials (for anyone interested, I actually did end up trying to press cancel to see if the labels on the buttons were reverse but that didn't work either).

    It really makes you wonder if some of these developers have opened their app a single time.
  • New version is good

    Any chance you could make the touch area bigger for switching turns easier?

    Newest version broke the timers accuracy. The tenths of a second doesn't work now
  • Nice application, but please add penalty time

    The application works well. Both the analog and digital interfaces look fine, although they could use slightly larger displays. It's easy to change the time limits, and it's nice to have a game timer in my pocket all the time. However, I really hope that the developer adds an option to have the timers continue to run after time has expired. In chess it doesn't matter, but scored games, like Scrabble have point penalties for every minute over, not an automatic loss. That feature would make the clock usable in a greater variety of games, and it seems like it would be simple to implement. Otherwise, nice app at a nice price. __________________ UPDATE ADDED SINCE ORIGINAL REVIEW I had been using the digital timer almost exclusively, but the analog timer DOES have the feature I sought. I'd still like it implemented for the digital timer, but Scrabble (and other games) players can use this timer and keep track of penalty time.