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All Versions of ParveOMeter


July 17, 2022

Minor tweaks and enhancements


July 3, 2022

Updated code to be compatible with current iOS requirements


March 20, 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - Add iOS 10 Support - Minor Bugfixes


February 16, 2014

Squished bugs and redesigned for iOS7. Now supports iPad and iPad Mini too!


August 15, 2008

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Description of ParveOMeter

Am I "Dairy"? Am I "Meaty"? Keeping kosher? Want to start? With the new iPhone/iTouch PARVE-O-METER, you will never again have to wonder if you can eat meat or dairy food right now. A program of Biblical proportion, the PARVE-O-METER will help you keep track of the waiting times between eating meat or dairy, or dairy and meat. *Press the “Meat” button when you have finished eating meat or meat products, and the timer counts down the requisite 6 hours before you can eat or drink dairy products. *Press the “Dairy” button when you have finished eating dairy or dairy products, and the timer counts down the requisite 0, 30, or 60 minutes (depending on the custom of your local Jewish community) before you can eat meat products again. *Set your waiting period preferences based on the custom of your local Jewish community. WHAT IS PARVE? According to kosher dietary law, meat and dairy products cannot be cooked or eaten together; they must always be separated. Therefore, separate utensils are used for preparing, serving, and eating meaty and dairy foods, and a waiting time must elapse between eating one and the other. Parve is a Hebrew word which means “neutral” (neither meaty nor dairy). Kosher foods that are Parve may be eaten with either meat or dairy foods. You, too, may be Parve! “Being Parve” means you can either eat kosher meat or dairy products, whichever suites your fancy — if the required waiting time elapsed after your last meal of meat or dairy products. B’Tay-avon! (Hebrew for hearty appetite!)
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ParveOMeter: FAQ

Is the software for ParveOMeter compatible with iPads?

The ParveOMeter software is compatible with iPad devices.
Zalman Goldstein is the creator of the ParveOMeter app.
ParveOMeter minimum iOS requirement is iOS 12.1.
The ParveOMeter app has a consumer rating of 3.0 and gets mild reviews.
The App Category Of The Parveometer App Is Education.
2.2.1 is the newly released version of the ParveOMeter app.
ParveOMeter released its latest update on July 16, 2024.
ParveOMeter was initially released on February 5, 2023.
The ParveOMeter app is rated Zalman Goldstein.
Currently, the ParveOMeter app supports the following languages: English.
No, ParveOMeter is not on Apple Arcade.
No, ParveOMeter does not feature in-app purchases for users.
No, ParveOMeter does not offer compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of ParveOMeter

  • Reset needs fixing

    The app needs a better reset option. Pressing reset only set the timer back to zero. It doesn’t allow me to switch in case I hit the wrong button.
  • Need other options

    Please add options for other minhagim for fleishig. Not everyone holds 6 hours.
  • Good start

    I pressed start nearly 3 hrs ago and I just opened the app to check how much time went by and it beeped alerting 6hrs went by.