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February 12, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Updated for IOS8 (and iOS7!), and also for iPhone 4, 5,6 and 6+! With a new, flatter look, same old SrutiBox inside though.


August 19, 2010

New in Version 1.3: -- Base frequency now has a fine tuning slider (a feature ported from Droneo). -- iOS 4.0 play-in-background enabled.


October 9, 2009

Version 1.2.2 fixes some minor bugs and tweaks the available timbres a bit. - the base frequency can be set down to 0.01, which is good for impulse experiments. - new Impulse 2 timbre - faster building vocal timbres. - bug having to do with non-scrolling Instructions fixed.

V 1.2.1

March 5, 2009

Rather a lot has been added to SrutiBox in V 1.2.1. Features: - "Churn" now controlled by tapping the churn/chorus slider label. No more "churn" button. - New lower octave of pitch settings (A0, Bb0, etc.), useful for high harmonics. - Churn now churns using distinct Timbre settings. - UI reorganized to make that change more useful - New info and save buttons - Save called "Save" instead of "Add" in save screen. - Saved settings save a whole "patch" and not just the reed volumes. - New Impulse Timbre for low frequency explorations. Fixes: - Setting churn rate no longer resets the sound to use the left volume settings. - Increased number of buffers to help get over some breaks when multi tasking. - Vocal timbres now are generated more quickly - there's still a little gap in the sound when choosing them.


December 9, 2008


October 8, 2008


September 2, 2008


August 21, 2008

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Description of SrutiBox

SrutiBox simulates an Indian harmonium, used as a base tone in Indian music and in spiritual practices of chanting and droning. SrutiBox 1.4 now works under iOS8, iPhone 4,5,6, and 6+ sizes, has a slightly different look, and fixes a few bugs that you may have encountered. SrutiBox is a synthesizer, creating drones with various timbres and precise intonations that blur the distinction between tones, timbres and chords. The drone can be fairly static or undergo slow modulation and harmonic change. It now plays in the background under iOS 4.0 like many other music apps! Pop over to and listen to some examples! "I wanted you to know that I have made my debut in Vienna a couple of weeks ago as an iPHONEist. I played two simultaneously - one with sruti box and the other with a variety of apps. I am enjoying sruti box immensely! Thank you!" — Dr. Pauline Oliveros I also have another Droning app, Droneo, which has a similar interface, but more droning options! SrutiBox uses 12 "reeds" which can be tuned to a great number of scales, randomly detuned, and chorused and modulated. The pitch interval and volume of each "reed" can be set individually, making for a wide variety of drones. The reeds can be set to various timbres suitable for drones, including vocal-like timbres and low frequency-friendly chirps. A special iPhone feature of SrutiBox is that you can wave the phone in an imitation of pumping the bellows, adding a touch of realism to the simulation. SrutiBox can also be used as a pitch source for instrument tuning purposes, or as an aid for learning the difference between Just and Equal Tempered intervals. As with other iPhone/iPod touch audio applications, it'll sound better through headphones, although in a quiet room, it's quite effective! Make sure to use the volume controls on the side of the phone to set the volume level you like. See the SrutiBox web pages for more information, hints, and possibly tales of YOUR performances and discoveries: It's also the place to ask for support and advice, or email tutti-srutti at also: visit my iPhone App Facebook group for starting discussions etc! Thank You! Check out my other apps: Droneo, Tondo, the iPhone Wind Chimes, Lake Piano and Enumero!
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SrutiBox: FAQ

Does SrutiBox work on iPads?

No, SrutiBox does not offer an iPad version.
Henry Lowengard is the creator of the SrutiBox app.
The app needs iOS 7.1 or later to function properly.
Users love SrutiBox, as evidenced by its outstanding rating of 4.2 out of 5.
The App Genre Of Srutibox Is Music.
1.4.0 is the latest released SrutiBox version.
SrutiBox’s latest update was rolled out on July 23, 2024.
The app was launched on February 5, 2023.
Family-friendly content, no mature themes or violence.
The SrutiBox app is now available in English.
Sorry, SrutiBox is not available on Apple Arcade.
Sorry, in-app purchases are not accessible within SrutiBox.
Unfortunately, SrutiBox is not optimized for use with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of SrutiBox

  • Don’t buy/ doesn’t sound like sruthi box

    This app is useless, doesn’t sound anything like harmonium or sruthi box, doesn’t have intermediate tones like G# and is complete waste of your money. Their website link for information is not working either
  • Stupid App!!! Waste of $$$

    Doesn’t sound at all like a Shruti box.
  • 👍👍👍

    I have been using this app for years. Love it. Dr. Pauline Oliveros?! That’s high praise.