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myConvert - unit converter

myConvert - unit converter

Currency and units converter

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All Versions of myConvert


January 27, 2021

Fast / instant start up. Fixed crash on older ios versions.


January 6, 2021

- Support for new screen sizes! Yep, it is finally here. - You can now tap on the calculator's text display to move the cursor. - Visual improvements. - Fixed a few conversion issues.


August 31, 2017

Now supports both 32 and 64 bit.


August 17, 2017

- 64 bit support - Native resolution for iPhone 6 and above


October 14, 2012

- iPhone5 support - Better retina display support


September 7, 2011

Landscape support for iPad Fix to make sure currency is updated on restoring session


September 22, 2010

- better iPad compatibility - Fixed bug with not saving settings in multitasking


August 24, 2010

Improved home screen icon for higher resolution (retina display)


July 3, 2010

- Fixed compatibility issue with iOS4 - Now comes with total 1007 units in 77 categories - Sound on keyboard - Minor improvement with currency update feature


February 10, 2010

- Bug fix for crash introduced in previous version - Some units now use picker interface for input, e.g. Resistor color code and clothing conversions - Search function now also search for unit names - Longer ruler, now up to 6 inches - Added several new units - Tested on OS 3.1.2 - Minor interface improvements

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Description of myConvert

myConvert is your ultimate unit converter. Designed for speed, functionality and usability in mind, it covers all your everyday to scientific conversion needs. *Features* - Over 1000 units in 77 categories - Multiple unit conversions on one screen - Faster navigation and fewer clicks as less scrolling is needed - Build-in numeric keyboard with calculator - You can add your own units and categories - Complex conversions ,e.g. 180cm can convert to (and from) 5ft 10.87in, 60kg to 9st 6lb 4.44oz. Others include binary-hex-ASCII-Roman, carbon dating, time-code, resistor color code, degree-min-sec and many more! - Currency rates updated once a day or on demand - New units and categories can be downloaded from server directly to myConvert - Remembers your last input so next time you launch, it goes straight back to where you left off - Searchable units and categories from home screen - Lots of ways to sort, rearrange, hide and search as your liking - Simple, highly customizable, fast and responsive Not convinced? Try the lite version with a smaller selection of units for free. Look for 'myConvert lite'. For full list of units, see product web page -> units. List of categories: Mass, Distance, Area, Temperature, Volume, Density, Volumetric Flow, Fuel consumption, Pressure, Time, Frequency, Timecode/Frames, Video length/space, Speed, Acceleration, Energy, Power, Force, Torque, Angle / Trigonometry, Navigation, Angular velocity, Resistance, Radioactivity, Carbon 14 Dating, Data storage, Data download, Numeral System, Luminance, Illuminance, SI prefixes, Currency, Suit/coat/sweater, Dress/suit, Shirts, Blouse/sweater, Shoes (Men), Shoes (Women), Socks, Stockings (Women), Dress (Juniors), Bra - band, Bra - cup, Hats, Rings, Electric current, Electromagnetic spectrum, Radiation absorbed, Moment of Inertia, Viscosity (dynamic), Viscosity (kinematic), Metal Hardness, Circular, Typography, Concentration (solution), Concentration (molar), Radiation, Radiation exposure, Musical Intervals, Musical notes, Sound level, Angular acceleration, Paper Weights, Resistivity, American wire gauge.
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myConvert: FAQ

Can myConvert be used on an iPad?

Yes, myConvert is available for iPad users.
The myConvert app was released by Lu A Oo.
The minimum supported iOS version for the myConvert app is iOS 8.0.
The overall user rating of the myConvert app is 5.0.
Myconvert Relates To The Utilities App Genre.
2.8.1 is the most recent version of myConvert.
July 13, 2024 is the date of the latest update of the myConvert app.
myConvert officially launched on February 6, 2023.
{{ name}} is considered child-appropriate and rated Lu A Oo.
The following list of languages is supported by the myConvert app: English.
No, myConvert is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, users cannot make in-app purchases within myConvert.
No, myConvert does not provide support for Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of myConvert

  • The first… and Still the best…

    myConvert started from a humble beginning as a Web 2.0 app called iconvert on the authors meatarian website. As soon as iOS dev kit was available.. myConvert hit the App Store and I’ve been a fan ever since. Thanks to the author…!
  • Love it

    Still a favorite after 10+ years
  • Life saver

    I’m tired of crappy apps. This app is one of the most used apps I have on my phone. Love it. Good job guys!!!!