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Billy Frontier

Billy Frontier

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All Versions of Billy Frontier


February 12, 2019

Long overdue update to fix tons of problems running on newer devices like the iPhone X.


September 9, 2016

Maintenance update


June 30, 2016

Long overdue update to keep it running smoothly on the latest versions of iOS and iOS devices.


September 22, 2014

Native support for iPhone 6


June 16, 2011

Performance improvements for iPad 2


June 22, 2010

Supports the new iPhone 4's Retina Display! Play in 960x640 resolution or continue to play on the older iPhone/iPods with iOS 3.1.3


June 2, 2010

Billy Frontier is now a Universal Binary app which runs on both iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad! The new version has enhanced graphics when running on the iPad.


October 16, 2009

• Improved performance • Faster load times • Reduced memory usage


August 19, 2009

New messaging system


April 30, 2009

Added support for Geocade! Geocade is a world-wide, location aware high scores list, so you can now compete against other players in your own community, or around the globe! When you end a game you will now be asked if you wish to send your score to Geocade. There you'll see your ranking compared against other players. It's free and it's very cool!

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Description of Billy Frontier

• WINNER of the Pocket Gamer Silver Award! Billy Frontier is a space cowboy who's mission is to rid the galaxy of alien outlaws. This is the most diverse 3D game you'll find for iOS - it is a combination of adventure game and arcade game with a whole lot of blood spewing action in-between! You'll test your reflexes in Duels, see if you can outrun a stampeding herd of Kanga-Cows (half kangaroo, half cow), hunt down alien bandits in gun battles, and blast catapulted critters out of the sky in the Shooting Gallery! This is a great game that pays homage to the spaghetti western genre!
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Billy Frontier: FAQ

Is Billy Frontier iPad-compatible?

Billy Frontier is available on iPad devices.
Pangea Software, Inc. developed the Billy Frontier app.
Billy Frontier minimum iOS requirement is iOS 8.0.
3.8: The Billy Frontier app receives average reviews and ratings.
Games Is The App Genre Of The Billy Frontier App.
3.3 is the newest version of Billy Frontier.
The latest Billy Frontier update came out on July 23, 2024.
Billy Frontier was first released on February 5, 2023.
The Billy Frontier app has a content advisory rating of 12+.
The Billy Frontier app can be used in English.
Unfortunately, Billy Frontier is not on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, in-app purchases are not available within Billy Frontier.
No, you cannot utilize Billy Frontier with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Billy Frontier

  • This game was a lot of fun... ~2008 when I was 12 playing it on my brand new iPod touch on the school bus every morning (when I wasn't showing off the beer app you "drank" to friends). It didn't age very well, mostly just because of how mobile games have evolved/improved; Billy Frontier feels slow and because of how repetitive most of the gameplay is, incomplete. I didn't know that at 12'since I think this was the first app I ever downloaded- I searched my own name first (Billy) + immediately downloaded this game. I didn't stop playing each morning on the bus until I finally beat it a few weeks later.

    I'm still giving it a 5/5 because it definitely was a 5/5 for it's time even if now it only serves as a time capsule to show how mobile gaming has progressed (or regressed, depending on the game)in the past 15 years. This is less of a review + more of a eulogy for one of the OG mobile games that went beyond snake/Pong or mahjong/chess
  • Limited fun

    This is a great game and I’ve had it for YEARS now... come on, Pangea! When are we going to see an update with a few more shootout levels? This has gotten stale after being easily won so many times...
  • Super fun but can’t be won

    The app crashes at the end of two of the levels making it impossible to win the game. Otherwise it’s really good.