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MyTime – Jehovah's Witnesses

MyTime – Jehovah's Witnesses

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September 29, 2019

- Fixed Hours entry labels overlap - Added the new rules about 75 credit hours for pioneers - Removed the cancel buttons in territories/not at homes because of workflow issues


September 6, 2019

Fixed an issue with previous service year months showing goals from the current service year monthly average


September 4, 2019

- Fix new hours categories that were counting hours from last service year - Fix hours categories, a bug prevented it from working correctly if not a pioneer - FYI Contact Cards are already in MyTime under Other Publications; they count as placements


December 7, 2018

* Transitioned from google maps geocaching to Apple maps geocaching for improved stability * Fixed remote worker credit limits to be 70 instead of 65


November 27, 2018

- Added the ability to create custom "Hour Categories" for field service hours, like Prison Ministry or Public Witnessing. - Added publications - New call address lookups are quicker


April 23, 2018

- Fixed suggested magazine algorithm


January 11, 2018

* Tutorial videos now play inside MyTime * Fixed initial popup tutorial button crash


January 4, 2018

* Fixed a bug in exporting to Hourglass


January 3, 2018

* Added support for new magazine numbering and placement schedule for 2018 * Added support for iPhoneX native resolution


November 2, 2017

- Added Hourglass support for sumitting Field Service Reports - Updated translations

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Description of MyTime

MyTime is useful for Jehovah's Witnesses allowing us to focus on the ministry by keeping organized notes. MyTime keeps up with your calls, return visits, territories, literature placements, and field service time so that you don't have to, allowing you to have an accurate field service report. Please visit for answers to frequently asked questions, the full list of features and to submit feature requests. * Sort calls by street, name, city, date and bible studies * Calls can store contact info and additional information that you get to pick * add return visits or studies and select publications that you placed (All publications are available) * publications, hours, studies, and RVs are tallied automatically and reported for your end of month field service report * Transfer/send one of your calls to someone else * Add your field service hours and RBC Hours, and even "start" and "stop" your time while your phone is off * Bulk Literature view is used to add magazines, books, and brochures for placements not tied to a return visit * Put all of your calls on a map (The maps are saved so that iPod Touch users can use the maps in the ministry) * Statistics for the last 12 months and yearly totals are ready for your Field service report, even email them to your congregation secretary * iTunes keeps your data backed up, also you can email a backup to yourself * Translations available in: Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, and Serbian
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MyTime: FAQ

Is MyTime compatible with the iPad?

Yes, you can use the MyTime app on iPad devices.
MyTime was released by Brent Priddy.
MyTime currently supports iOS 9.0 or later.
The overall user rating of MyTime is 4.5.
The App Genre Of The Mytime App Is Productivity.
3.10.4 is the newly released MyTime version.
The date of the latest MyTime update is July 17, 2024.
MyTime became publicly available on February 6, 2023.
The content advisory rating for the MyTime app is Brent Priddy.
MyTime is now available to use in American English, Croatian, Czech and 21 more.
Sorry, MyTime is not part of Apple Arcade.
No, MyTime is not eligible for in-app purchases.
Unfortunately, MyTime is not fully compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of MyTime

  • It Keeps Me Organized!

    Just moved to a new popular city and I do not remember street names. Typing the address in G-map or A-map are time consuming. I love how once I input my calls, Mapped Calls shows where I am and the nearest calls to my location. Time is better used in helping others instead of driving back and forth in the streets. I love it 🤩!

    I would like to request an extra row under Name for Other name, for an example: pet, sibling, parents, grandparents, spouse, car😁.I can quickly glance in case when I hear the 🐶 barks and I forget its name. I tried adding into Name and Add Additional Information but I lost few seconds because I was trying to remember where I left the notes. Thank you for considering my feedback. Appreciate your hard work 😎!!
  • Wonderful app

    Love this app, have been using for several years. It’s location map and the ability to do your calls according to your location is great. Able to track all my return calls and write comments for follow-up. Also, tracks your time accurately, with a start and stop time, as well as, tracks Bible studies and the students info. However, would really appreciate if there was an updated video list for the Enjoy Life Forever, Bible study, otherwise this would be an excellent app for use in the ministry.
  • Love this app

    Very user friendly. Easy to understand. No complicated and unnecessary choices. Have been using it for years but it seems the developer is no longer working on it. Last update was three years ago. I hate to have to switch but I guess I’m looking into switching to a different app. Very unfortunate!!