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All Versions of FlashGram


March 19, 2024

Updated for iOS17 Minor bug fixes.


January 2, 2021

Updated for iOS 14.


October 27, 2018

Updated for iOS 12.


October 16, 2017

Updated for iOS 11


March 30, 2017

Compatibility update.


September 26, 2014

Updated for iOS 8


September 11, 2013

Bug Fixes.


September 25, 2012

Removed iAds. Updated for iOS 6, the iPhone 5, and the new iPod touch.


January 27, 2011

Bug Fixes.


December 1, 2010

Updates for iOS 4.2

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Description of FlashGram

FlashGram is a fun way to quiz young children (even older ones) on their language arts skills. FlashGram contains over 100 grammar questions covering nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives. FlashGram is made up of short questions with touchable answers (no text input required). FlashGram is colorful and animated and will hold the interest of a young child.

FlashGram: FAQ

Does FlashGram have support for iPad devices?

No, FlashGram is not optimized for iPad devices.
FlashGram was released by PalaSoftware Inc..
The FlashGram app requires iOS 12.0 or later.
4.0 out of 5 is the fair rating that FlashGram has received from users.
Education Is The App Genre Of The Flashgram App.
1.9.1 is the newest version of FlashGram.
The FlashGram app was last updated on July 16, 2024.
FlashGram was released on February 5, 2023.
Child-friendly content, no violence or scary images.
The FlashGram app can be used in English.
No, FlashGram is not part of Apple Arcade.
No, you won't find in-app purchases featured in FlashGram.
No, you cannot utilize FlashGram with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of FlashGram

  • Thank You

    Thank you for removing iAd from a paid app.
    iAds are fine in a free version but not cool in something I paid for originally.

    Good learning tool for kids.
    My moms first grade class enjoy using it.
  • Good

    My son was having trouble with pronouns, so I thought I would see if this would help. He played it for less than five minutes, and improved his score each time. However, the real proof was in his test score, which was an A. So, although I have heard of some issues, I think it is well worth trying. I will continue to use this to help him in the future.
  • errors

    I went through several tests and found two errors. If I remember correctly they were asking for adjectives. However, when I chose adjectives the answers were wrong. Instead, they suggested two pronouns as the correct
    answers. Please fix that! thanks