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RPN Calc with Printer and CAS

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All Versions of i41CX+


April 13, 2024

• Minor bug fixes


November 29, 2023

• Fixed bug introduced in previous update


November 23, 2023

• iOS 17 compatibility fixes.


October 13, 2023

• iOS 17 compatibility fixes.


October 10, 2023

• Minor bug fixes and internal improvements


August 25, 2022

• Minor bug fix.


October 21, 2021

• iOS 15 compatibility


February 3, 2021

• Minor bug fix.


December 29, 2020

• Updated to handle decimal separator (period or comma) based on the calculator's decimal separator setting (flag 28) when pasting numbers.


December 6, 2020

• Fixed visual glitches.

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Description of i41CX+

i41CX+ is an advanced programmable and expandable RPN scientific calculator with a virtual thermal printer/plotter and workstation-class CAS capabilities that is far beyond a mere replica of the original. In addition to being functionally equivalent to the world-renowned HP-41CX and providing access to its entire library of modules and programs, i41CX+ is enhanced with iOS and hardware features, keyboard overlays, rich set of import and export capabilities, traditional and upbeat diverse set of skins, complete color control, iCloud support, and much more. The i41CX+ CAS is a full implementation of REDUCE. It's like having Mathematica or the computational engine of Wolfram Alpha in your pocket and, best of all, it runs natively so no internet connection is required. The CAS is fully programmable and provides the ability to reuse previous results in computations. Moreover, the CAS has full access to the calculator registers so it is possible to combine RPN programs with CAS programs. This is the finest and most powerful scientific/engineering/financial calculator for iOS devices bar none. CALCULATOR FEATURES: • RPN logic with a 4 element deep memory stack • 319 main and 600 extended memory registers • Over 400 built-in functions, including over 100 functions created specifically for i41CX+ • Time, calendar, alarm, and stopwatch functions • Four module ports provide access to HP-41 expansion pacs • Rich set of functions and algorithms: numerical, mathematical, statistical, complex, matrix, numerical integration, curve fitting, solutions to equations, and much more • Powerful, flexible, and programmable Computer Algebra System (CAS) supporting symbolic, arbitrary precision, scalar, vector and matrix algebra calculations, 2D/3D plotting, and much more • Full-screen text editor with configurable font style and size, color scheme, a user configurable macro keyboard, and a numerical keyboard • Access to the entire HP-41 library of solutions for science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, business, financial, surveying, medicine, real estate, and many other domains • Programmable - virtually unlimited number of lines • User definable keyboard • Ability to operate the calculator using a Bluetooth keyboard • Device integration: external display mirroring, copy and paste, in-app mail, system keyboard, GPS, accelerometer, digital compass, time and date synchronization, AirPrint, and much more • Virtually unlimited data and program storage capacity using the device's flash memory for local storage • Import/export data, programs, overlays, modules, etc. via the web, email, and iTunes file sharing • iCloud syncing of files and preference settings • iOS 8 Notification Center widget • 43 available keyboard overlays and support for user created overlays • Sound support including synthetic tones and interface sounds • Support for calculator skins and optional mini stack display • Adjustable calculator speed, sound volume, and display colors • Usage & Examples table with usage tips and examples • Quick Reference Guide of all built-in functions • CAS Quick Reference with all built-in functions, operators, switches, and packages • Beautiful and clean user interface PRINTER FEATURES: • Support for printing, plotting, graphics, and special characters • User configurable and programmable print color • Export printer output via email, clipboard, or AirPrint • Ability to save a JPEG image of the paper roll to the device's photo album *********************************************************** A comprehensive FAQ and Mini-Manual are available at Please don't hesitate to use the "Contact Us" link there if you cannot find the answers or information that you seek. Thank you.
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i41CX+: FAQ

Is i41CX+ software compatible with iPad devices?

Yes, the i41CX+ software is iPad-compatible.
The creator of i41CX+ is Antonio Lagana.
Your iOS device should have iOS 9.0 or later installed to run the app.
i41CX+ has a user rating of 4.8.
Productivity Is The Primary Genre Of The I41cx+ App.
7.6.15 is the newest version of i41CX+.
The date of the last i41CX+ update is July 17, 2024.
The i41CX+ app was initially released on February 6, 2023.
The i41CX+ app is rated Antonio Lagana: Contains no objectionable material.
i41CX+ currently features the following languages: English.
No, i41CX+ is not on Apple Arcade.
No, i41CX+ does not integrate in-app purchases for users.
Unfortunately, i41CX+ is not tailored for compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of i41CX+

  • Best and most useful app I have ever purchased!

    Amazing! The best calculator in history fully replicated for the iPhone. I bought it when it was first introduced and it has been used daily ever since! The author has kept it current and support is great!
  • Amazing and useful and fun

    I used an HP41c in college, and found it so useful and intuitive. All these decades later, I LOVE this app. It brings back some great memories, but it’s mostly VERY useful.

    I also love how exactly it replicates the HP41c experience! The look is perfect and I smile every time I use it.

    I’ve never had a problem with its functionality either.

    100% recommended!!!
  • Great app for a great Calculator

    This is truly a great app that mimics a great calculator. The only thing missing is the awesome key feel of the originals. If you were an engineer or a scientist anytime in the late 80s or 90s a 41 CX or CV was your trusted problem solving tool. If you tried synthetic programming to get the most out of your CX you will like this app. Full access to all the expansion modules you couldn’t afford back in the day, are available.

    ** Note for developer please make this available for Macs running Monterey**