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Holy Rosary Deluxe Version

Holy Rosary Deluxe Version

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All Versions of Holy Rosary Deluxe Version


February 5, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Compatibility with iOS 9


October 24, 2014

-Shareability iOS6, iOS7, iOS8 -Bugs Fixed


January 29, 2011

- Fixed bugs - New images designed for iPhone 4


October 1, 2010

-Fix loud sound for after decade in Divine Mercy -Fix save setting for iOS 3.X -New Animation for the slidebar volume control


August 16, 2010

- Fixed audio issues with the iPod music. - Fixed Theme #3. - Corrections in some prayers.


January 14, 2010

-fixed a misspelled text in the litany prayers -fixed bug from custom text for luminous mysteries -added classic theme #1 from version 4


January 8, 2010

completely improved interface, new display settings, new themes, and the same comfort as always to pray the Holy Rosary


September 14, 2009

-Correction of lines lost in the litany for the iPhone OS 2.x


August 25, 2009

-Correction on the Litany Prayer, did not show the last two lines.


July 28, 2009

-fixed the 3 pictures that looked blurry when enlarged. -added a fourth Style Display to pray the Rosary. -disabled the "Copy/Paste" feature on all text parts to facilitate navigation. -A Unique distinct sound when going forward on the Bead Count different when going backward. UPDATE, if you have changed TEXT or PICTURES you will NOT loose any information.

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Description of Holy Rosary Deluxe Version

Available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Latin. Includes Divine Mercy (Novena and the Chaplet) in English and Spanish. Holy Rosary Deluxe for iPhone and iPod Touch is an inspiring way to reflect upon the Mysteries from the life of Jesus Christ. This app is perfect for catechism students who have trouble remembering all of their prayers, or for your own personal daily worship. With all of the Rosary prayers from the official Vatican website inside, and the easy to use controls, you can view each daily prayer in one of four display styles. Adjust the font size to accommodate your visual preference. As you make your way through the daily prayers, inspirational background music (choose either In His Time or Ave Maria) puts you in the right frame of mind for meditation. Each mystery is depicted in living color with beautiful pictures, or, if you prefer, you can add pictures from your personal photo album as well. This gorgeous art work is accompanied by Bible passages to help you reflect more deeply on each event. However, if you have a scripture which is a personal favorite, you can add your own text. Make your Holy Rosary Deluxe more personal by changing the beads to the color of your choice. Also you are able to choose how to progress through the prayer beads. Touch the current bead, and it will highlight and enlarge for prayer, or tap the arrow to move to the next bead. Each prayer bead is marked with a number so you can easily monitor your progress through the Rosary. This app even remembers where you stopped during your last prayer and resumes where you left off when you return. If you accidentally skip ahead, you can easily go back to the proper bead to finish your prayer. When you're praying the new Novena feature, you can turn the Divine Mercy Chaplet on or off. The choice is yours. Holy Rosary Deluxe is the most versatile prayer app on the market, today. Everything you need is in one convenient place, so you can pray the Rosary where and when you choose. FEATURES: - Choose from four different display styles to pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet. - Each mystery has an image that helps to reflection of his events. Also this images can view in full screen. - There is a scripture for each mystery that helps you to meditate about the Jesus christ life. - Background music: 'Ave Maria' and 'In His Time'. - You can add pictures to the Rosary with your library. - You can edit the text for each prayer of the Holy Rosary. - You can edit the four themes: - Colors - Buttons - Beads - Crosses - Virgins - Remember the mystery and the prayers that have been prayed the last time. - The Novena gives you the option to pray with the Chaplet or without it.
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Holy Rosary Deluxe Version: FAQ

Does Holy Rosary Deluxe Version support iPad devices?

No, Holy Rosary Deluxe Version doesn't support iPad devices.
The Holy Rosary Deluxe Version app was made by Jorge Panayotti.
The Holy Rosary Deluxe Version app currently supports iOS 6.0 or later.
With a rating of 4.0 out of 5, Holy Rosary Deluxe Version is just okay among users.
The App Category Of Holy Rosary Deluxe Version Is Reference.
5.4 is the latest released Holy Rosary Deluxe Version version.
Holy Rosary Deluxe Version updated on July 23, 2024.
The specific date when the app came out was February 5, 2023.
No objectionable content, suitable for young children.
Currently, Holy Rosary Deluxe Version supports English.
No, Holy Rosary Deluxe Version is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, users cannot make in-app purchases within Holy Rosary Deluxe Version.
Sorry, Holy Rosary Deluxe Version is not designed for integration with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Holy Rosary Deluxe Version

  • Please fix

    I’ve used this app for many years with no issues. Now it seems that on every update there is always some issue. The latest one now is, I only get to use the Rosary app once then I have to delete it and download it again. If I don’t it doesn’t even load to play.
  • My favorite Rosary app

    This is a wonder Rosary app. The background music adds to the serenity of the experience. I highly recommend!
  • Lamb of God

    I like this rosary. One thing though the prayer at the rosary says Lamb of God and God is not capitalized. It’s a little thing but I just notice it.