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Fake Call Pro !!!

Fake Call Pro !!!

Fake your incoming call

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All Versions of Fake Call Pro !!!


May 17, 2019

-bug orientation fixed


May 15, 2019

-New Icon -New design -Work better & faster


February 5, 2017

-New icons -bugs fixed


November 5, 2016

-Bugs fixed


November 3, 2016

-Bugs fixed -Widget Fixed


May 14, 2016

-New widget: 'Call Me' button- will automatically call you at the same moment 'Favorites' buttons - Set a name, time to call , set aBG, set a ringtone, record a voice call. all this data will be save and will be accessible via Notification Center or 3D Touch -3D Touch Support (Only for iPhone 6s or any device supporting 3D touch) -Build your Ringtone: pick a music from your music library to be your ringtone -BG call screen image preview


May 4, 2016

-Bug fixes -Contact image auto detect


March 19, 2016

-Bug fixes -New option: record your call -Interface improves


February 5, 2016

-bugs fixed -more time option, 5 Sec to 2 Hours


July 7, 2014

-bugs fixed

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Remove Ads and Limits

remove all the ads on the app and remove all Limits. you will be able to record a call for no limited time


Favorite Feature

Save your favorite calls

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Description of Fake Call Pro !!!

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true fake phone call functionality. Fake an incoming call: you can change the background and the ringtone of the call (annd build your own) you can choose the time to ring and choose the number phone of contact name. by selecting a contact the app import the contact image automatically. Build Your Ringtone: pick a ringtone from your music library, choose a start and end time of the song. the app will trim it, and make it as a ringtone - you can save it in favorites Record Your Voice: You can record your voice before the call has made. when it will call you, after you answer it, it will start playing your recording from before - you can save it in favorites Security: when the call is end it will show you a black screen, nothing will happening, after 10 minute it will show you an alert an a sound to remind you to close the app and lock your screen device for save battery... you have 8 ringtones to choose: -Marimba -Alarm -Ascending -Old phone -Sci-Fi -Sonar -Time passing -Xylophone -or Just make your own ringtone Auto-BG contact import: if your contact have an image, it will automatically import and set to the background call
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Fake Call Pro !!!: FAQ

Is Fake Call Pro !!! optimized for iPad devices?

Yes, Fake Call Pro !!! can be used on an iPad.
The Fake Call Pro !!! app was created by jordan pons.
The Fake Call Pro !!! app currently supports iOS 10.2 or later.
Fake Call Pro !!! has an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5.
The Primary Genre Of The Fake Call Pro !!! App Is Games.
2.1 is the most recent version of Fake Call Pro !!!.
The most recent update for Fake Call Pro !!! was released on July 12, 2024.
The release date of the app was on February 5, 2023.
Suitable for children aged 4 and up, contains no objectionable material.
You can use the Fake Call Pro !!! app in English.
Unfortunately, Fake Call Pro !!! is not on Apple Arcade.
Indeed, in-app purchases are part of the offerings in Fake Call Pro !!!.
No, Fake Call Pro !!! does not support compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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    This is awesome app I've ever seen before. Good design with sleek UI/UX. I will definitely share with my friends!
    Nice work :)

    Since my other review probably wont show up, who knows maybe this will, anyways —
    • you could just do this for those who live in the U.S. | dial *67 before the phone number you want & call it, it’ll show “No Caller ID” on their end.
    • those of you in Europe — dial, #131# then the following phone number, it’ll read “No Caller ID” or something possibly not in English but you get it.

    Cheers, this is app is so great I really hope they just miss me adverting this by using filler from other nice reviews but this app is really unnecessary. Much love! I love this aw ful app!
  • Doesn’t work

    You can’t even pick actual date or time
  • Hopefully a glitch but otherwise. . .😬😡

    Ok so I haven’t even been able to use this app at ALL because when I press to go on it it freakin takes me off! Like I press it, it loads for 2 and a half milliseconds, then just puts me right back on to where my other apps are. (If that makes sense.) So I’m sure this is probably a great app, but it doesn’t work for me. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, a developer responds to this (please and thanks) and can fix this cause I would LOVE to try your app. Thanks for reading! Have a great day❤️(P.S. I’m sure if I left a review later it would be a higher rating so anyone else reading this unless it’s happening for more people than just me, don’t trust what I’m saying lol.)❤️