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All Versions of Nexonia Expenses


March 7, 2024

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.5 includes an assortment of minor bug fixes.


July 19, 2023

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.4 includes additional support for Single Sign On logins.


June 8, 2023

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.3 includes security enhancements and app improvements.


February 23, 2023

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.2 includes minor bug resolutions


September 23, 2022

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.1 includes login enhancements and minor bug resolutions.


June 7, 2022

Nexonia Expenses 12.0.0 includes enhanced OCR and Receipt management, refreshed homepage, and minor bug resolution.


December 16, 2021

Nexonia Expenses 11.9.14 includes crash fixes as well as an assortment of minor bug fixes.


October 21, 2021

Nexonia Expenses 11.9.13 includes crash fixes as well as an assortment of minor bug fixes.


September 27, 2021

Nexonia Expenses 11.9.12 includes crash fixes as well as an assortment of minor bug fixes.


September 10, 2021

Nexonia Expenses 11.9.11 includes crash fixes as well as an assortment of minor bug fixes.

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Description of Nexonia Expenses

This app requires an existing Nexonia account. You cannot set up an account within this app. It is only for existing customers. Nexonia's expense report application allows users to enter expenses, take pictures of receipts with the iPhone camera and then submit them for approval. With the push of a button, all expense reports, their receipts and any modifications will synchronize with the full Nexonia expense management solution. Nexonia Expenses can be used at no extra costs by existing customers of our full expense management solution. Users will only need to enter their existing Nexonia account information.
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Nexonia Expenses: FAQ

Is Nexonia Expenses optimized for iPad devices?

Yes, Nexonia Expenses works on iPad devices.
The Nexonia Expenses app was built by Nexonia Inc..
The Nexonia Expenses app currently supports iOS 12.1 or later.
The average rating for the Nexonia Expenses app is 2.2.
The Primary Genre Of The Nexonia Expenses App Is Business.
The latest version of the Nexonia Expenses app is 12.0.5.
The latest Nexonia Expenses update was rolled out on July 17, 2024.
The Nexonia Expenses app launched on February 5, 2023.
The Nexonia Expenses app contains no objectionable material and is suitable for children aged Nexonia Inc..
You can use the Nexonia Expenses app in English, French, Japanese and 3 more.
Unfortunately, Nexonia Expenses is not on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, in-app purchases are not part of Nexonia Expenses.
No, Nexonia Expenses does not support compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Nexonia Expenses

  • I miss Expensify!

    I’m tired of dealing with issues with Nexonia, especially the mobile app integration with the online version. The mobile app makes you input data when entering a receipt but it doesn’t populate in the online version. Also, just learned today that when you update your password on the online version it does not update the mobile version, unless of course you’re locked out of the mobile version, have to uninstall it and then reinstall it … and then it does automatically update your password to the online password. It’s the end of the day and I just want to close my computer and be done for the day. But thanks to Nexonia, that’s not going to happen … forgot to mention when you get locked out because of password issues, you have to wait 22 min and there’s nothing their tech support can do about it. Seems to me allowing your company’s tech support the ability to reset timers or passwords is pretty common, except for Nexon I guess. I miss Expensify!
  • Bug

    If you use the feature in the app to capture and save a receipt. Once you take the picture and you edit it (crop etc) - there is no way to get back (go back to take a picture of an additional receipt, etc). You’re totally stuck. I had to kill the app.
    And no way to contact the software developer for leave feedback from the app.
  • Worst Expense App - Choose Another Solution

    This is the worst expense app I have ever used. It is has an unintuitive interface and is hard to use on a mobile device. You would think in 2023 they would have more integrations built in, but they offer the bare minimum. They also will frequently lose your data. Multiple times I have spent 30 plus minutes filling out long expense reports on the app, only to have them disappear when I hit submit. This is a terrible system, please choose a competitor like Concur if you can. Our entire travel team is pushing our company to switch.