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April 12, 2019

Supports the new era "令和 (Reiwa)" Source: "初春令月氣淑風和" from Man'yōshū Reference: "仲春令月時和気清" from Wen Xuan


March 2, 2012

- Fixed a bug on the Japanese Calendar in the Settings.


July 6, 2008

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Description of Gengou Lib

"Gengou Lib." is a quick reference of the Japanese era system. This application has functions as below. - Period picker - Era picker - Christian era year picker - Japanese era year picker - Show this year button - Texts can be shown in Japanese or English independently of the default language setting. - Application badge can show this year number in the Japanese era or the Christian era. The Japanese era system identifies a year by the combination of the era name (Gengou or Nengou) and the year number within the era. For example, A.D. 2001 is Heisei 13. Please note that two Gengou schemes were used in Parallel from 1331 to 1392 during Nanboku-chō period. This application would be very useful if you are working with the governments, municipal offices and/or certain companies in Japan.
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Gengou Lib: FAQ

Does Gengou Lib support iPad devices?

Yes, Gengou Lib is iPad-friendly.
The Gengou Lib app was built by 正行 Akamatsu.
The app needs iOS 11.0 or later to function properly.
The current user rating of the Gengou Lib app is 2.5
The App Category Of Gengou Lib Is Productivity.
2.1.0 is the most recent version of the Gengou Lib app.
The latest Gengou Lib update was released on July 23, 2024.
The Gengou Lib app originally came out on February 6, 2023.
{{ name}} doesn’t contain potentially objectionable material and is rated 正行 Akamatsu.
Currently, Gengou Lib supports English, Japanese.
No, Gengou Lib is not featured on Apple Arcade.
Unfortunately, users cannot make in-app purchases within Gengou Lib.
Sorry, Gengou Lib is not designed for integration with Apple Vision Pro.

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  • Interesting

    My wife and are always trying to figure out dates in Emperor years, so this is helpful.

    Don't think that the current emperor is going to make it until the year 2100 though.
  • straightforward and to the point

    As other reviewers have noted, this app lets you convert between gregorian and japanese era calendars. It does this by presenting two spinning wheels (one with the western year, the other with the japanese year) which are locked to one another - you can spin either one and the other will turn to match, letting you look up the corresponding date. Of course, you *could* do this in your head, especially for the most current era (heisei) since you always know what the most recent year of the era is, but once you start getting into past eras, it becomes increasingly difficult unless you have the exact years of the emperor's death and the length of their reign memorised, something which most Japanese, especially young people, do not. For this reason, most Japanese day planners come with a small conversion chart in the back for reference. If you live in Japan and have such a chart you probably won't need this application but if not, and you find yourself needing to convert between the two calendar systems, it can be quite handy. At any rate, it's free, so you can't go wrong!
  • For those who don't know Japanese history

    Svaiyre left something out in the review. Yes, you can do what this app does by yourself using a calculator or your brain... IF you have an intimate knowledge of Japanese history and know the dates when the emperors died by heart. For the rest of us, this is an invaluable tool with many uses. It saved me 4 times in the last 3 weeks, especially while trying to sign up for a bank account and renting a mansion.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have a heisei 19 mansion to move into