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All Versions of Round Timer


February 3, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - New look - Fills iPhone X screen - Fix crash when recording sound - Fix crash when removing preset


October 5, 2017

-Updated for iOS 11


October 16, 2014

- Updated for iOS8 - Fullscreen interface - Interface updates


October 26, 2011

- Fixed preset name/file handling


October 21, 2011

- Fixed issue with sounds playing after 10 minutes or so - Fixed issue with saving preset with slashes in the timer name


October 13, 2011

- Fixed sound playback issue


September 30, 2011

What's New 5.0 - Add ability to save/load workouts - Over 50 new built-in sounds - Minor bug fixes


August 4, 2010

- Added back in 3.x firmware support


July 9, 2010

iOS 4 updates - Runs in background! - Runs when screen is locked - Better interaction with iPod audio - Sound names display cleaner


June 3, 2010

- Fade music instead of pause - Option to change songs each round - Option to pause music each rest period - Better sound chooser - Better timer screen text - Cleaner UI

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Description of Round Timer

- Reviews - "I've been using the Round Timer app on my iPhone for about as long as I've had my Iphone... If you're someone that's training for rounds, doing circuit work, etc. this app is worth your 99 cents. With the level of customization you get, the app is competitive with the way more expensive round timer devices that can cost upwards of $10-100." - by Shawn Lord, "I found a GREAT interval timer app in the iTunes store for 99 cents!!! It's called Round Timer and it works like a dream!!!" - by Miss Lee, forums on "Its a really useful applications. Beats carrying around that big round timer from the old days." - by Michael Manna, ----------------------------------- - Description - The Round Timer was the first round/sparring/boxing timer available in the AppStore and, as a result, the most refined and stable. Don't be fooled by knock-offs (other developers copying our interface and layout). The Round Timer is a convenient round/boxing/sparring timer for your iPhone/iPod touch, now compatible with iOS 8. The Round Timer is a fully functional round/sparring timer that allows you to customize the length of the rounds, warning bell and resting period. Each of these intervals can be configured separately up to an hour. It will run in the background even if you switch to another App. With the sound themes, you can choose which alarm sounds to use: boxing/MMA, a relaxing Zen theme, and a few others. Don't like any of the dozens of preinstalled sounds? Don't worry! You can record your own sounds. For large, loud environments you can plug your device into a stereo, or for small sessions put it in the corner of the mat. The Round Timer is great for any sparring or interval training: boxing, MMA, grappling / bjj, martial arts, yoga, meditation, crossfit, exercise, workout, stretching, etc. Working out to music is not a problem. Start your music playing in the iPod app, then start RoundTimer. The sounds will play over top of your music without interrupting it. Please feel free to e-mail to suggest new sound themes! Interested in interval training (Tabata, symmetrical, etc... intervals)? Check out our "IntervalTimer". Want more control? Check out "UltraTimer". Want full programmability and randomized intervals? Look at "UltraTrainer".
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Round Timer: FAQ

Can Round Timer be used on an iPad?

No, Round Timer does not have support for iPad devices.
Scott Fritzinger is the developer of the Round Timer app.
The Round Timer app currently supports iOS 8.0 or later.
Users have given Round Timer a so-so rating of 3.7 out of 5.
The Main Genre Of The Round Timer App Is Health & Fitness.
7.2 is the latest released Round Timer version.
The last update for Round Timer was on July 16, 2024.
Round Timer was first released on February 5, 2023.
This app is appropriate for all ages, with no offensive or inappropriate content.
Round Timer is available in English.
Sorry, Round Timer is not on Apple Arcade.
Sorry, in-app purchases are not available for users of Round Timer.
No, you cannot use Round Timer with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Round Timer

  • 10/10 do not recommend

    It lowers the volume if the app is running a time. Which is a useless function and makes the experience worse.

    Because you have to raise the volume all the way up to hear your music. And that causes the round counter noise to be obnoxiously loud and when the program stops your music is blaring.

    The fix would be to only lower the volume of your music when the round buzzer is making noise.

    But this flaw ruins the experience and makes me not want to use this app

    10/10 do not recommend
  • Music doesn’t automatically turn off

    This used to be a 5 star app for our kickboxing studio. The music used to turn off in between rounds when that option was selected. Now, even when you turn that feature on and save your preferences it still plays. Any fix to this and it will be 5 stars!
  • Not so Good Anymore

    I used to love this. But recently when I go into program selection (open) the different programs overlap and making the selection isn’t easy or can’t be done. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading but same thing. Any Fix for this would be appreciated...