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All Versions of Interval Timer


January 31, 2019

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - New look - Fills iPhone X screen - Fix crash when recording sound - Fix crash when removing preset


October 6, 2017

- Update for iOS 11 support


October 16, 2014

- Updated for iOS8 - Fullscreen interface - Interface updates


October 26, 2011

- Fixed preset name/file handling


October 21, 2011

- Fixed issue with sounds playing after 10 minutes or so - Fixed issue with saving preset with slashes in the timer name


October 13, 2011

- Fixed sound playback issue


October 1, 2011

What's New 5.0 - Add ability to save/load workouts - Over 50 new built-in sounds - Minor bug fixes


August 4, 2010

- Added back in 3.x firmware support


July 9, 2010

iOS 4 updates - Runs in background! - Runs when screen is locked - Better interaction with iPod audio - Sound names display cleaner


June 3, 2010

- Fade music instead of pause - Option to change songs each round - Option to pause music each rest period - Better sound chooser - Better timer screen text - Cleaner UI

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Description of Interval Timer

- Review - "This seems like an amazing piece of software. Has the ability to edit round times, rest times, high intensity and low intensity sessions. It's exactly what I have been looking for, I can use it for running, free weights, mma, boxing or any type of interval training. Even CROSSFIT." - by ------------------------------- - Description - The Interval Timer was the first interval timer available in the AppStore and, as a result, the most refined. Don't be fooled by knock-offs (other developers copying our interface and layout)! The Interval Timer is a fully functional interval training timer. It is now compatible with iOS 8. It allows you to specify an overall workout time as well as a Low/High intensity interval and rest time between sets. During the set, it will alternate between the high and low intensity intervals helping to increase stamina. This is perfect for cycling, running, lifting weights, exercise, workout, stretching, boxing, MMA, martial arts, circuit training, Crossfit, HIIT / HIT, etc. IntervalTimer will run in the background, even if you switch to another App. It will also continue to run when the screen is locked. The sound themes let you tailor the sounds to your desired activity. Don't like any of the dozens of preinstalled sounds? Don't worry! You can record your own sounds. Asymmetrical intervals are easy to set up so it is easy to workout with Tabata intervals ("High Intensity" = work, "Low Intensity" = rest). You can set the intervals to the same duration for symmetrical intervals. Working out to music is not a problem. Start you music playing in the iPod app, then start IntervalTimer. The sounds will play over top of your music without interrupting it. If you have any request for a new sound theme or feature, or have problems with this App, please email We listen. Interested in sparring? Check out our "RoundTimer" App. Want more control? Check out "UltraTimer". Want full programmability and randomized intervals? Look at "UltraTrainer".
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Interval Timer: FAQ

Does Interval Timer work on iPad devices?

No, Interval Timer is not compatible with iPad devices.
The creator of Interval Timer is Scott Fritzinger.
Interval Timer currently supports iOS 8.0 or later.
Users have overwhelmingly positive things to say about Interval Timer, as evidenced by its stellar rating of 4.3 out of 5.
The App Category Of The Interval Timer App Is Health & Fitness.
7.2 is the newly released Interval Timer version.
The latest update for Interval Timer was released on July 12, 2024.
The app was initially released on February 5, 2023.
Designed for children, contains no adult material.
Currently, the Interval Timer app supports the following languages: American English.
Sorry, Interval Timer is not part of Apple Arcade.
No, Interval Timer is not eligible for in-app purchases.
No, Interval Timer does not offer compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Interval Timer

  • Nice Timer

    Wish it was Apple Watch compatible
  • Solid app. Does what it's supposed to.

    Great app. I do miss the last version's full screen tap to pause feature. The pause button is too small on an IPhone to easily tap the first time during a difficult workout with my fat, clumsy fingers.
  • Silly users

    I've had this app since it was created and I've never had an issue with it. Always opens and runs flawlessly. I wish it could set up different timers between "sets" but that's just being anal. Get the app and enjoy.