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June 25, 2024

We've fixed a bug in the Watch app that was causing it to fail to load.


June 17, 2024

We have fixed a database issue with a few stations, fixed a problem where we miscalculated the time during daylight savings for some stations, and updated the database with the latest from NOAA. We've updated the widgets so the app can talk to them when units change, and we've added a new feature to the Watch app - nearby stations now are shown! This requires the phone to be nearby and the app to have location services enabled.


May 7, 2024

We've fixed issues with displaying large text, and addressed some bugs that we've found. We've also added in the latest NOAA stations.


April 17, 2024

This is a bug-fix version for issues that have come up.


April 9, 2024

We've fixed an issue with searching for nearby stations.


April 5, 2024

We've changed the way internally some data structures are handled, leading to increased stability and a better overall user experience. Plus some bugs fixes as well.


March 28, 2024

We've fixed a problem with some secondary stations that aren't in the time zone of the reference station, fixed some database issues, and fixed some minor bugs.


February 26, 2024

We've updated the database to reflect changes along the Delaware River.


February 12, 2024

We've added different depths to some tidal stream stations for the Delaware River Pilots, updated the database with the latest NOAA stations, fixed some minor bugs, and worked on making the Watch complications work more smoothly.


November 22, 2023

We've addressed some issues that came up with the release of iOS 17, primarily with the tide widgets - they weren't being displayed! We've also fixed problems with the watch complications not updating, fixed a time zone issue, and updated the database.

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Description of AyeTides

Never be without the tides again! You too can carry the tides in your pocket (or now, on your wrist!) as you walk along the shore, fly into a harbor, or sail off into the sunset. AyeTides displays tides and/or currents for over 13,400 locations worldwide and unlike many other tide apps, it does not require a network connection. With AyeTides you will never see those annoying ads or be asked to pay for additional features! Sailors, harbor pilots, beachcombers, nature photographers, and more use AyeTides to plan their outings on or around the world's oceans. Here are some of the things people are saying about AyeTides... "AyeTides is a quality professional product” "Your support has been the best I have experienced!" “As a harbor pilot in New York I’ve been using your excellent tide and current app” "I really appreciate the effort that you put into making AyeTides as accurate as it can be. It is a great program that has been very useful to us. I think we have 60 pilots using iPhones and iNavX and your app links in so well." "I am a ships Pilot in BC and use Aye Tides a lot and it has become invaluable.” You can see the day’s events in tabular form, or you can rotate the phone for an interactive graph that shows you the tide’s value at any point during the day. You can find a station on a map, by name, or based on your current location. AyeTides is updated regularly and stations are added whenever we find new data. We encourage our customers to contact us if you hare having any issues with the program so that we can help you. This app is designed to run on your iPhone or iPod Touch. While it will run on your iPad, it does not offer the additional features available with AyeTides XL, which was designed specifically for the iPad. If you have multiple devices, you may want to consider our bundle. You get both apps at a discount! This is the only place to install AyeTides. Other websites may look like they have AyeTides, but they do not. We only support iOS, any other version of AyeTides is not ours.
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AyeTides: FAQ

Is AyeTides compatible with iPad devices?

Yes, AyeTides has support for iPad devices.
AyeTides was launched by August Hahn.
To function properly, the app requires at least iOS 14.7.
With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, AyeTides is one of the top-rated apps in its category.
The Main Genre Of The Ayetides App Is Navigation.
4.3.19 is the latest released AyeTides version.
The last update for AyeTides was on July 17, 2024.
AyeTides was first released on February 5, 2023.
This app is appropriate for all ages, with no offensive or inappropriate content.
AyeTides is available in American English, Dutch, French (France) and 6 more.
Unfortunately, AyeTides is not on Apple Arcade.
No, AyeTides does not allow for in-app purchases.
No, you cannot use AyeTides with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of AyeTides

  • Like the better when

    Used to like it a lot better when we could arrange our favorites in the order that you wanted them to be displayed instead of alphabetical order was able to group them according to locations.
  • My Go-To Tide Tool

    Reliable and accurate, simple to read, this app informs my coastal decisions.
  • Super reliable.

    Always works even when globe trotting. If ocean tides affect your daily life, then this apps for you.