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Starting Strength Official

Starting Strength Official

The Strongest Shall Survive!

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October 24, 2022

Fixed issues with some power cleans video / thumbnails not showing. Various bug fixes and optimizations.


May 22, 2022

Bug Fixes


December 3, 2021

We are using an all new backend which is faster, more secure. Please backup your data before installing this update.


July 25, 2021

Bug Fixes and optimisations.


July 7, 2021

Fixed Bug in Todays Training


June 4, 2021

Added a variable so you can change the load weight of light squat in advanced novice program Bug Fixes for some programs where progression wasn't adding


May 26, 2021

Bug Fixes


May 19, 2021

Fixed a bug in the advanced novice program that stopped progression from workout to workout.


May 15, 2021

Bug Fixes All New Programs! Phases 1,2,3, Advanced Novice and Female Training Programs


May 8, 2021

Bug Fixes New Programs NLP 1,2,3, Advanced Novice and Female Training Programs!

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------ The Official Starting Strength App * 4.8 Star Average Rating ------- The Starting Strength Method is the fastest, most efficient and straightforward way to increase total body strength for complete beginners. ====== Here's some reviews from our users 5/5 "What do you get when you combine the best method to get stronger with detailed instructional videos, thorough explanations AND an actual day to day program? THIS APP! Finally! Perfect for both beginners and experienced lifters and worth much more than the price I paid for. Thank you Starting Strength! 5/5 "I've tried 2-3 other apps. I've kept paper logs. Nothing has been easier to use than this app. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't enter my warm up sets...its because you don't need to! You enter your work set weight and it tells you exactly what to load on the warmup-ups..." 5/5 "Wonderful, straight-forward way to keep DOING THE PROGRAM. A simple and clear way to apply the SS principles and track your work.” 5/5 "Like others, I was on the fence about buying this app to help kickstart my starting strength program. This app deserves it's high average rating, and you should pull the trigger if you are reading this.” 5/5 "I tried a few free apps before buying this app, this one is well worth the money. Best app out there for barbell training" ====== Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and considered the most productive method in existence for anyone beginning a strength training program. "The best book ever written on strength training" - Jim Wendler, champion powerlifter. ++++++++++ Features: - Complete, easy-to-follow instructions for performing the basic barbell exercises: the squat, press, deadlift, bench press and power clean. - Walks you through the famous Starting Strength Novice Program -- shows you how to start, what weight to add and when to add extra exercises. - Enough programs to get you through the first year of training including accessory exercises of chinups and back extensions. - Designed for use at the gym with quick access to multiple angle videos and photo instructions of each exercise. - Lift instructions and diagrams from the Starting Strength Book by Mark Rippetoe. - Interactive logging tools journal your strength progression. - Warmup and workset calculator shows you exactly how many plates to put on each side of the bar. - Workset Rest Timer, customisable for each exercise. - Customise your progression for each exercise. - Add and save additional notes for each workout, and access previous notes easily. - Never lose your training data again! Cloud Sync backs up your training log data and restores it across multiple devices. - Download training log data as CSV (requires account) - Helpful hints and tutorials help you learn and progress safely. - How to program the basic exercises into the most effective program for long-term progress. - Metric (kgs) or Imperials (lbs), and change at any time. Have any comments, questions or suggestions? Please email us at
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Starting Strength Official: FAQ

Does Starting Strength Official have support for iPad devices?

Yes, the software for Starting Strength Official is compatible with iPads.
The creator of Starting Strength Official is Shabu Pty Ltd.
The app needs iOS 10.0 or later to function properly.
With an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, Starting Strength Official is a must-have app for users.
Health & Fitness Is The App Genre Of The Starting Strength Official App.
The latest version of Starting Strength Official is 2.2.
The Starting Strength Official app was last updated on July 13, 2024.
Starting Strength Official was released on February 5, 2023.
May contain some explicit language, nudity, or sexual content, appropriate for ages 17 and up.
The Starting Strength Official app can be used in American English.
No, Starting Strength Official is not part of Apple Arcade.
Yes, you'll find in-app purchases featured in Starting Strength Official.
No, you cannot utilize Starting Strength Official with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Starting Strength Official

  • Better than it was. Buggy graphics

    Good job adding programs beyond novice. However, lots of rendering/display bugs on iPhone 12 Pro. Frequent force quits required to get graphs in the correct orientation, to stop the workout info from being displayed in comically tiny fonts, or to just get out of screens with no exit because the back button is out of display boundaries. Still, better than it was, I suppose.
  • Great for 40-somethings too

    This app makes it so easy to follow the program in the weight room. I’m 43 and haven’t seriously worked out in 7-8 years. Now I’ve followed the program (including sleep and nutrition) and the results are phenomenal, basically exactly what Rich says will happen to a guy who has 30%+ body fat. My weight is holding steady. My body fat is dropping while my muscle is increasing at an almost unbelievable rate. The stuff outside the weight room is still on me. Getting enough calories and protein is hard and my fam is concerned about the amount of whole milk I’m drinking. Getting 7-8+ hrs sleep every night is a lifestyle change. But this app makes everything else easy.
  • A logbook app that got it right

    Excellent app. I am accustomed to book logs . Tried various apps for log books and never happy with the functionality . SS did their homework on developing this app. The app cost is value added ….videos , excerpts from the book with the app. The programming is done for you just click and execute the lift , however their is functionality included to tweak modify weights and sets .