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May 13, 2024

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Download Flixster, with ticketing powered by Fandango - Available across iOS devices including iPhone and iPad! Stay in the know with the latest movie news, discover movies at home, browse Rotten Tomatoes® scores, find the latest showtimes and guarantee tickets to the right movie at the right time with ticketing to more than 30,000 screens nationwide. Plus, sign up for our Fandango VIP+ loyalty program to buy movies and get movies. GUARANTEE TICKETS & SKIP THE BOX OFFICE LINE: Get your tickets ahead of time to secure the best seats to the year’s biggest movies with reserved seating. Save time and skip the box office line when you scan your Mobile Ticket using your iPhone, with ticketing by Fandango. BROWSE MOVIES + THEATERS: Get the latest movie news right at your fingertips, watch the latest trailers and browse Rotten Tomatoes® scores. Find nearby theaters instantly, save your favorites for easy access & view all theater amenities. DISCOVER MOVIES: Movies don’t stop in the theater. Discover what movies are available at home and where to watch them. PLAN THE PERFECT MOVIE NIGHT: Enjoy fast and secure checkout with Apple Pay. Easily split the tickets with friends and get paid back with PayPal or Visa Checkout. No more IOUs. If plans change, you can always refund or exchange your tickets. It’s no problem! GET THE VIP TREATMENT: With Fandango VIP+ when you buy more, you get more. Every 4 tickets = $5 for you. No restrictions. No membership fees. Just rewards. It’s that simple. Plus, score extra VIP perks like free screenings, discounts and exclusive offers. NEW EMAIL SIGN IN: Signing in to Flixster is now easier than ever! No password required. One email. One tap. You’re in! Flixster’s partners are the nation’s leading exhibitors, including AMC Theatres, Regal Cinemas, Cinemark, Marcus Theatres, Harkins Theatres, and many other innovative theater chains and independent cinemas. Together, these exhibitors represent more than ninety percent of the nation’s theaters with online ticketing capabilities. By downloading, installing & using this App, you agree to Fandango's Privacy Policy ( and Terms and Policies ( Your Privacy Choices: For a summary of our information practices, please see our California Notice ( Thanks for using our app! We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you. Send suggestions and issues to:
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Can Flixster support iPad devices?

Yes, Flixster is compatible with iPad devices.
Flixster, Inc. built the Flixster app.
Your iOS device must be running iOS 16.0 or above.
The overall user rating of Flixster is 3.7.
The Main Genre Of The Flixster App Is Entertainment.
The current version of the Flixster app is 10.0.
Flixster rolled out its latest update on July 17, 2024.
Flixster originally came out on February 5, 2023.
Flixster is suitable for children aged Flixster, Inc..
Flixster is available in American English.
No, Flixster is not featured on Apple Arcade.
No, Flixster does not include options for in-app purchases.
No, you cannot use Flixster with Apple Vision Pro.

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  • Used to be a great app

    I used to rely on this a lot, but lately I’ve had to ditch the app and go directly to the Rotten Tomatoes website. For some reason, with certain major release movies (Wakanda Forever and Avatar: Way of Water are two examples) the app will not display individual critic reviews. They are available at the rotten tomatoes web site but not in the app. Seems suspicious - like the studios are paying them to block this info for awhile. Most new movies the critic reviews are available on the app as soon as there is a consensus. Big tent pole films on the other hand, no, the info is blocked.

    After having to go outside the app 3 or 4 times just to get a sense of why critics have rated it the way they have, and which ones liked it… I’ve just decided to save my self some time and stop using it altogether.
  • What happened to this app??

    UPDATE: Will you PLEASE for the love of cinema, read your App Store reviews and actually do something about it? I left a review a few years ago but chiming back in to implore a change because clearly no improvements have been made in YEARS. I say again: YEARS!! Everyone clearly hates this app and what Flixster has become, when it used to be a trusted source for reviews AND a reliable tool for keeping track of movies that you want to see or movies that you have seen and what you thought of them. I used to rate every movie that I saw in theaters and I would add every movie that I want to see to the… you guessed it! The “Want to See” list! Brilliant idea. Too bad I had hundreds of movies saved, and you deleted them all. No recovery, even after my initial review (and apparently, everyone else’s too). PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take action once and for all. Consolidate fandango and Flixster into one app, bring back the lists and user ratings, and for the love of god: DO. NOT. DELETE. THEM!!

    ORIGINAL: I can no longer see my “Want to See” list or my movies that I’ve rated. I can click on any movie that I’ve added or rated previously and it will show that I’ve done so, but when I go over to the lists on my profile it says I haven’t added or rated any movies yet. Please fix this as I reference those lists often when deciding what movie to see or to recommend movies to others.
  • Been using it for years but going to switch if they don’t implement some changes

    I have used and have loved this app for at least 8 years. For the past few years however, they have added in a lot of Indian films to their database. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever! But I’m not a fan of those movies and I would like the ability to filter them out based on either “language spoken” or “country of origin”. I have submitted this request to them years ago to add this feature. They already have a filter button on the app so why not simply extend it to be able to filter by these film attributes. I create reports from data for a living and filtering is by far one of the most important and also one of the easiest things to do. However since my initial request to be able to filter by these attributes has been ignored, I will probably go elsewhere. It’s a real shame though as this app used to the be the pinnacle of movie ratings and reviews.