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SplashID Safe Password Manager

SplashID Safe Password Manager

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February 5, 2024

- Fixed crash issue on launch for some users. - Fixed the setting selection issue for deletion of local data on locking of an account after 10 successive failed logins.


January 29, 2024

* Prevent an account locked after 10 successive failed logins from opening in offline mode. * Added a setting in the security section for a user to opt in for deletion of local data on locking of an account after 10 successive failed logins. * Fixed crash issue for users on iOS 11 and iOS 12 devices. * Fixed crash issue on iPad for some users when the hamburger menu item is tapped.


November 22, 2023

- Major security update on how the apps use our API's. - After 3 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts, added delays to the login screen to slow down brute force login attempts. - Removed the local deletion of app data if an account gets locked due to 10 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.


October 10, 2022

- Fixed issue with record printing with AirPrint in iOS 16.


August 10, 2022

- Fixed the issue with the display of attachments.


August 1, 2022

- Fixed export and import to Dropbox issue. - Changed the SSL certificate validation.


March 22, 2022

- Fixed top navigation bar issue related to iOS 15.0+


September 13, 2021

- Enhanced billing function


August 9, 2021

- Added a new SSL certificate. - Added more auto lock timeout options. - Fixed issue with the details screen not refreshing after saving the record.


July 12, 2021

- Fixed the issue with the SplashID Windows desktop application not being identified during WiFi sync for iOS and iPadOS 14.5 and higher devices.

SplashID Safe Password Manager In-App Purchases History


SplashID Pro

This subscription includes a range of services such as secure cloud sync via servers, automatic backups for all your data, unlimited access to all desktop, mobile and web clients, and emergency services in the case of identity theft.

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Description of SplashID Safe Password Manager

SplashID is the world's most trusted password storage system. For over 12 years, over one million users have kept their passwords safe with SplashID - and now it gets even better with an all-new version. Think of SplashID as your personal vault or digital wallet on the iPhone or iPad. You can store and lock sensitive information - not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more. Keeping your usernames, passwords, and bank account numbers in your head, in a Word or Excel file, or written on a piece of paper is unsafe. Passwords can be forgotten; laptops can be lost. With SplashID, your data is easily and quickly accessible, reliably stored, and - most importantly - secure. SplashID gives you the following features: - Access: Free, native, secure apps for mobile, desktop, web, and browser - Choice of sync and storage: You decide how to store and sync your records with convenient cloud sync, local network Wi-Fi sync, or on-device storage - Touch ID login - Customizable record types and categories to keep your information organized - Photo capture feature to quickly and easily store credit card information - You can upload photos, documents, and add notes to any record for reference - Protection with 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication - Secure sharing: Safely share your records with other SplashID users or even those who don’t use SplashID - Automatic SplashID Backup service to ensure data never gets lost - Security dashboard provides you with usage statistics and tools to monitor and fix weak, reused, and old passwords - Web autofill saves typing in usernames, passwords, and delivers the correct address from the secure data vault every time to prevent phishing - SplashID extension is available for autofill in Safari Lock your personal information up in a state-of-the-art data saver and feel comfortable knowing that at any time you can access private information safely. No other password app delivers SplashID's combination of features, reliability, and security. Compare SplashID to others: The app is free to use with basic record storage functionality. A one-year subscription to SplashID Pro gives you many additional features like sync across devices, security dashboard and automated backup for just $19.99. You can purchase the subscription from the app store and it will be charged to your iTunes account. It will auto-renew at the end of the year. Use your iTunes account to cancel the subscription anytime up to 24 hours before the renewal. You can read about our privacy policy at You can read about our terms of service at
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SplashID Safe Password Manager: FAQ

Is SplashID Safe Password Manager compatible with iPad devices?

Yes, SplashID Safe Password Manager works on iPad devices.
The app was developed by SplashData.
The app needs iOS 12.0 or later to function properly.
The average rating for the SplashID Safe Password Manager app is 3.4.
The Primary Genre Of The Splashid Safe Password Manager App Is Productivity.
8.4.2 is the most recent version of the SplashID Safe Password Manager app.
The latest SplashID Safe Password Manager update was rolled out on July 23, 2024.
The SplashID Safe Password Manager app launched on February 6, 2023.
SplashID Safe Password Manager is suitable for SplashData years of age.
You can use the SplashID Safe Password Manager app in English, French, German and 2 more.
No, SplashID Safe Password Manager is not available on Apple Arcade.
Yes, SplashID Safe Password Manager offers in-app purchases to enhance your experience.
No, SplashID Safe Password Manager does not support compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of SplashID Safe Password Manager

  • Get with the program SplashId team!!!

    Location has been around for a number of years. If you end up forgetting your password, you’re pretty much hosed. these guys cannot reset your password. The only way you can get back to the application is by resetting your account and you would lose all your password files. that doesn’t sound right. Add insult to injury the customer service person whose last name is Filipov is the only one manning emails. This this company appears to be a one-man operation. There’s no direct customer service line to return to in an emergency. It takes customer service past 24 hours to respond. When someone cannot get into their password manager that to me is 911 because it could be any number of very important situations like accessing financial based accounts, the bottom line is, I would not recommend this software, nor this company as a whole, take caution if you are considering to go with them.
  • Find something else

    I’ve been using this app since it first came out. I have nothing but issues. Sometimes all the text turns to foreign characters. You have to close the app and log back in. When selecting a category for your entry if you do not fill out all the fields those go away and you cannot return to the record to fill in those fields. You have to create an entirely new record. When you change the icon image to something different, the app decides to change it back to something different. I can go on and on about issues. The only reason I still use it with all the problems is because my accounts haven’t been hacked YET and I paid for a lifetime subscription. There are a lot of better apps out there but not very affordable so I’m stuck here. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, however.
  • Great product and great tech support

    I have been using SplashID for many years and that alone is a big deal. So often apps come and go or change drastically, but SplashID has been around many years and that is important with an app to manage critical confidential information. They have evolved the app over time in a very good way - they add new features but they don’t require you to make big changes in your use if you don’t want to, but the features are there if you want them. I did have a problem one time when I opened the app and my data had gotten corrupted and I couldn’t read any of it. I contacted them and their tech support was excellent. They were so detailed and careful as they walked me through the steps - testing things, looking for the issue, and then getting me up and running from and automatic backup. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by their excellent tech support. I have been using SplashID probably since version 1 or 2 and I have been very happy with the app since the beginning.