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Time Blocking by LittleBeat

Time Blocking by LittleBeat

Pomodoro Timer & Soundscape

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July 7, 2024

With the mission to make time blocking easy for everyone and to raise awareness of productivity as a self-care practice, we prioritized developing the 'share' feature. We are excited to announce that you can now share music and daily positive affirmations with a simple tap!


June 27, 2024

Our mission is to make time blocking effortless for everyone. To achieve this, we now offer a 7-day trial for our yearly plan. Moreover, we've enhanced the user experience by addressing small details and fixing bugs.


June 13, 2024

Since our launch, we've received tremendous support from our initial users—15,000 downloads so far! This has brought us a lot of valuable feedback. We are committed to releasing new updates every week, prioritizing improvements based on your suggestions. This week's build includes: - An enhanced Manage Subscription screen, showing more details about your current plan, including the start date and renewal date. (Lifetime plans do not expire.) - Disabled font scaling to prevent layout issues.


May 31, 2024

With a mission to empower people through time blocking: - We enhanced the first-screen user experience for new users based on the time of day. - We updated the in-app purchase experience with a summer-focused event theme paywall.


May 30, 2024

We have added subscription packages to Littlebeat. The lifetime package is free for a limited time.


May 5, 2024

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Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription of littlebeat app

🪨 price unchanged, but purchase info updated on July 11, 2024.


Exclusive Lifetime Plan Offer

Get lifetime access for premium contents

📈 increased from $9.99 to $12.99 on July 11, 2024

🪨 price unchanged, but purchase info updated on June 25, 2024.

📈 increased from $3.99 to $9.99 on June 20, 2024


7 day Trial Reduced Plan

Full year access to all music and routines.

🪨 price unchanged, but purchase info updated on July 11, 2024.

📉 dropped from $99.99 to $29.99 on June 20, 2024

🪨 price unchanged, but purchase info updated on June 15, 2024.

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Description of Time Blocking by LittleBeat

LittleBeat is dedicated to making time blocking effortless for everyone. When we take control of our time, we empower ourselves to lead the life we dream of! With a science-backed soundscape and Pomodoro timer, LittleBeat makes time blocking accessible to all, not just Elon Musk. Focusing on one task at a time doubles our productivity, freeing up more time for self-care and loved ones. It's not magic—it's 100% actionable! Are you ready to get started today? LittleBeat helps you tune out distractions and concentrate on what matters most. After each deep work session, you'll feel accomplished, organized, happier, and prepared to tackle new challenges. **What Our Beta Users Are Saying ** "I was able to launch my side project while working full-time by using LittleBeat every day. I have never felt accomplished and proud than I do these days. Thank you so much!" - Jae P. "LittleBeat has been a game-changer for me. I used to spend countless hours searching for focus music on YouTube. Now, I dive into my work and accomplish more in less time" - Anna "Thank you, LittleBeat! You helped me get my final paper done despite my ADHD."- Jessie BENEFITS • Double Your Productivity: Time blocking increases your efficiency and focus, allowing you to complete tasks faster and with better results. • Prevent Burnout: By working in focused intervals and taking regular breaks, you protect your mental health and energy levels. • Feel Accomplished and Satisfied: Finishing each time block gives you a sense of completion and pride, boosting your confidence and motivation. FEATURES • Pomodoro Timer: Start with classic 25-minute focus sessions followed by 5-minute breaks. Progress to longer sessions of up to 90 minutes of focus and 20 minutes of rest. • Science-Backed Methods: Align your day with circadian rhythms and ultradian cycles for peak productivity and improved sleep. • Science of Sound: Lofi, binaural beats, green noise, brown noise, pink noise, white noise, and other relaxing sounds for focus, sleep, and relaxation. MAXIMIZE THE BENEFITS • Use screen time apps like Opal or Forest to manage distractions and stay focused. • Visualize Your Time Blocks: Use a physical journal or Google Calendar to track progress and maintain a consistent daily routine. • Morning and Night Routines: Incorporate daily positive affirmations and gratitude journal to cultivate a positive mindset. • Stay Consistent! SUPPORT: TERMS OF USE at PRIVACY POLICY at
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Time Blocking by LittleBeat: FAQ

Is Time Blocking by LittleBeat optimized for iPad devices?

No, the software for Time Blocking by LittleBeat is not compatible with iPads.
The creator of Time Blocking by LittleBeat is LittleBeat Inc.
The minimum iOS requirement: 13.4.
4.8: The Time Blocking by LittleBeat app gets a lot of positive feedback.
The App Category Of The Time Blocking By Littlebeat App Is Productivity.
1.0.6 is the current version of Time Blocking by LittleBeat.
Time Blocking by LittleBeat released its latest update on July 13, 2024.
Time Blocking by LittleBeat was initially released on June 3, 2024.
The Time Blocking by LittleBeat app is rated LittleBeat Inc.
Currently, the Time Blocking by LittleBeat app supports the following languages: English.
Sorry, Time Blocking by LittleBeat is not part of Apple Arcade.
Yes, Time Blocking by LittleBeat is eligible for in-app purchases to enrich your usage.
No, Time Blocking by LittleBeat does not offer compatibility with Apple Vision Pro.

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Reviews of Time Blocking by LittleBeat

  • Love it!

    I’ve used this app since beta testing and love it! It really helps me focus on work projects and makes me less distracted. Highly recommend it

    Developer Response

    Thank you for your fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that you've been with us since beta testing and love the app. It's great to know that the Pomodoro timer and time blocking with soundscape are helping you stay productive and structured with your work projects. This means a lot to us! Please let us know anytime you have an idea or suggestion for improvement. Happy focusing!
  • What a beautiful app!

    I’ve been listening to “into the zone” and setting timers for my focus blocks and its really helping me from getting easily distracted by so many trivial stuff - the positive messages I see are a bonus, love it!!

    Developer Response

    Thank you for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that "Into the Zone" and the focus Pomodoro timer are helping you stay productive. Time blocking is indeed a powerful method to stay focused and structured, and we're glad to see it's making a difference for you. The positive affirmations are designed to keep you motivated, as a positive mindset is fundamental to everything. We're glad to know you love them too! Keep up the excellent work!
  • Focused

    I am easily distracted so I downloaded this app to commit to maintaining a more focused workday and it’s helped a lot. Having time blocks that you set to complete certain tasks, and being able to do so successfully is really rewarding and Littlebeat has made this much easier. Looking forward to new features, and I’ll continue to use it instead of Google Calendar!

    Developer Response

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for us. This means a lot! We're delighted to hear that LittleBeat has been helpful for your focus. We actually recommend using Google Calendar (or any calendar) in conjunction with Littlebeat. Littlebeat is designed to help you focus on each block of time for a single task. We hope to support a calendar feature in the future as well. Thank you for sharing how you time block. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. If you have any suggestions or have anything to share, please do reach out to us! Best regards, The Littlebeat Team